Sunday, May 29, 2011


Another Thailand post featuring the Flower and Floating Markets!

Warning: This post is very photo heavy but I can assure you, each photo is sure worth a peak! :)

Here it goes!....

This is where the magic happens! Being one of the 'best-smelling' markets in the whole of Bangkok, you will find immense quantities of fresh cut flowers, vegetables, spices, and fruits, all piled high inside the market and along nearby streets. Individual flower petals, leaves and stems are used to create such intricate pieces, you will be gobsmacked at the possibilities.

Amazing flower wrist bracelets

bulks of yellow flowers

flower necklaces

more flower necklaces that you can wear or adorn Buddha statues, car interiors or even tuk tuks (you see them everywhere!)

BEAUTIFUL colours!

Our tour guide Peter - he was fantastic and so enthusiastic!

Chock-a-block or what?!

roasted chestnuts

a bouquet or 20?...


Thailand's floating markets are among the most-photographed destinations in the country. Damnoen Saduk Floating Markets is the largest of its kind, attracting a large number of tourists each day. The lively and colorful images of boat vendors trading their agricultural products is one of the most fascinating and endearing images of Thailand. I have never been happier on a paddle boat.

There was this massive lizard swimming right beside our boat! ahhh!

This centre had it all - from ornate wood carved furniture and wall hangings to ceramics, elephants and Buddhas. Every piece is hand made or hand carved. You can find almost anything here to decorate your home or add that special feature piece that would take centre stage of any room. I was in complete awe of the skills and creativity of the work men and women. Each piece usually takes up to more than 2 months to create and sometimes even 6! I wish I could of brought home a wooden wall hanging or an amazing carved chest home with me. But there's always next time - isn't it! ;)

Just check out the amazing detail and handy-work!

In the making.....

An example of a finished wall hanging

Life size wooden elephant

This wooden chest made me go weak at the knees. An artform in itself! I would love to have a piece just like this in my home. It was by far my favourite piece of furniture I saw that day.

The 3 Wise Monkeys

More wooden carved elephants!

Various Buddha statues - such peaceful facial expressions

I am very happy and proud even, that I was able to visit these two markets and the handicraft centre - it was a great opportunity to see what Thailand has to offer in terms of handicrafts, genuine antiques and their level of craftsmanship. They are talented people who are committed to their craft, which you can really see in their work. Hopefully one day I can go back and purchase one of these amazing pieces and give back to the hardworking people of Thailand.

I hope everyone is keeping warm this chilly weekend! It is nearly coming to an end - boohoo!

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  1. The floating markets look amazing! I was so bummed when we didn't get to visit the floating markets when I went to Vietnam!

  2. I know I already told you once but, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. LOOOOOVE these photos. They're amazing. You should definitely be expanding your 'photo-esque' style, I love it. LOOOOOVE the last photo of the old lady smiling. It's beautiful!!!

  3. the pictures are GORGEOUSS! your trip sounds SOOOO AMAZINGGG!

  4. ..hey sweetie ..
    OMG OMG OMG ..I dont even know where to start , how beautiful is those flowers !!! for me as an flower addict it looks like a paradise on earth ..bracelets from flowers - so beautiful I cant even describe ..
    and those people are so talanted who making those fabulous wooden pictures ..woow , I just hope they get paid well for such an amazing talent ..
    you definately had a lot of inspiration there ..

  5. These are so amazing, and all the photos are so beautiful! I cant even get over how amazing the art is.. and I love your pants, they are so cool!

  6. It looks like India. I want to visit this place!!


  7. im stunned at the beauty of the flower market, i wanna go there now! and the mad skillz of those carvers, i die!!
    your photos capture everything beautifully, i think everybody wants to see more, more, more of your thailand adventures xxx

  8. these colors are brilliant! =)

  9. Oh my goodness, these are fantastic! I love everything. You are so lucky to have experienced all of this. Haiii, I want to go there someday. XX

  10. so many beautiful flowers! when im out living in my own place & working full time i want to have fresh flowers in my home all. the. time!x

  11. Those flowers look amazing! :)
    I was in Thailand in 2007 and remember it being a lot of fun. I'd like to go back there one day, but I do want to visit other countries before I go back to one I've already seen, hehe.
    Just checked out your Desert Project - it looks so awesome! I would love to do something like that one day! The head piece is insane.


    P.S. Following you on Bloglovin and GFC now :)

  12. Did you get heaps of stares in Thailand? Because you look HOT! Your outfit is amazing!!!! I walked around Bali wearing head to toe bintang merchandise with my hair in a I am regretting that now because you're putting the rest of us Asia-holidayers to shame! Damn!

    Also, those flowers are beautiful. Your photographs are always so lovely x x x

  13. in the first picture the flowers look like earrings

  14. I'm SO jealous. It's my life goal to visit there.

  15. Lovely photo's Lauren! So many pretty flowers :)

  16. Hey Lauren! Just wrote you an essay on my blog in response to Red Lantern :-) I should have pasted it here...anyways just wanted to say I ADORE these photos of Thailand - it's such an amazing place and I can't wait to go back one day. You've captured it so well ...that woodwork is amazing! :-)x

  17. All the flowers are so lovely! I particularly love the violet/pink one. And your photos are bursting with color. :)

    Please visit and follow my blog. :)

  18. Now I know I am supposed to be studying, but these phenomenal images have taken me some where seriously far away, and how BEAUTIFUL are they?
    what gorgeous snaps and what a stunning country!
    Lucky you miss, looks like such a crazy blur of culture and colour...Its a beautiful country! Xxx

  19. Beautiful flowers , designed in a wonderful way.

  20. Hi, can I ask what camera you use? Your fotos are beautiful. I just got back from the flower market and my fotos do not look like these :-(
    We were also in awe of all the flowers and beauty.

  21. I missed it when I went to Thailand last time, photos are lively. Following you in GFC

    Keep in touch,