Monday, May 02, 2011

VERTIGO - The Only Way Is Up

See that view?! Oh lord I remember it. It was surreal - no city shines brighter than Bangkok!

This photo was taken at Vertigo, the rooftop 5-star restaurant and bar located on the top of the Banyan Tree hotel. For those who don't know much about Bangkok's top notch hotels, well dears - this is where the elite stay, and in this case dine too. Our tour guide informed us of the place and boy oh boy we were in for a treat! Without any doubts, we paid a visit, secured a table and decided to splurge till our hearts were content. They were more then content when we walked up the flight of stairs to the rooftop and was greeted by the spectacular illuminating views of Bangkok at night. Living the high life? That night indeed so! :)

Cosmopolitans were the drink of choice! We were literally on top of the world!

After having our pre-dinner drinks, we sat down at our tables and were handed a mini-torch to view the menu. Due to the minimal lighting (as Bangkok shined so bright), it was a nice touch to the dining experience. For a split moment I thought maybe, just maybe, the movie The Hangover 2 might have filmed a scene here??!! I mean, who knows right?! hehe So cannot wait for that movie to come out!

They even provided us a complimentary photo of our visit to Vertigo. Now that's what you call service :D

All in all, Vertigo was sure an experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Bangkok. You will be transported to a place you never thought existed and the service and ambiance is more than an A+

For more details about Vertigo and the Banyan Tree Hotel, click here.


  1. great pictures! :)

  2. that looks sooo amazing!! the view from the roof is so beautiful!!
    and I love your skirt :)

  3. woweeee that place looks all sorts of amazing! The world needs more rooftop hangouts, I say.

  4. looks like u had a great night

  5. the view lookksss amaazzzinngggg from up there !
    looks like u had fun !

    www.glisters and

  6. Love your skirt - the cocktails looked delish!

  7. the photos are amazing!

  8. Oh my lord, I NEED TO GO THERE! Looks incredible, seriously. I love the cocktails, the pictures, everything. Panda xo

  9. these pictures are phenomenal! Are you a photographer?



  10. Pretty sure that prawn dish made our mouths water - not kidding.

    GORGEOUS photos my love!


  11. Wow, so luxurious! I'm going to check this place out the next time I'm in Bangkok! I love the night pictures of the city!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

    Following you on bloglovin :)

  12. wow, looks super fansy and like a real treat! Makes me want to go to a rooftop dinner right away! xx

  13. I went there! It's amazing! Bangkok is my hometown and I haven't been back in ages! Looks like you've been to all the worthwhile places!

    xx. VLM.

  14. How amazing is it! We were there in Feb and I remember making myself sick from eating way too many wasabi coated peanuts at the bar. Lol it was so beautiful though, I definitely want to go back there!! xx