Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'd thought I'll finally finish off what I started - that is, sharing with you all my photos and experiences from Thailand. Life and other things have become more of a priority since I got back almost 2 months ago, and I only managed to share with you my experiences from my stay in Bangkok. So if you are feeling the cold (that's addressed to you my fellow Aussies) or would like to be transported somewhere tropical and exotic, my posts from now would portray just that. From beaches to coconuts, sea caves to elephants - I will go back in time and share with you my time in Phuket, Thailand.

First up - my arrival in Patong, Phuket!

Here are some snaps taken when we first visited Patong Beach. Prior my visit, I've been told that Patong Beach isn't that nice to swim in and has many tourists due to the commercial strip of restaurants and bars opposite the beach. I soon picked up on that straight away, however with the fact of seeing a beach for the first time during my stay in Thailand, it wasn't so bad. Locals though suggested to check out other beaches nearby like Kamala or Karon. We kept that in mind indeed.

The line of bannana lounges and colourful umbrellas sure did remind us we were on holiday. If only Australian beaches had just the same.

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  1. i think this beah looks very nice as well. such a beautiful country!

  2. It's definitely different over in Asia when it comes to the beaches.
    Here, everyone is happy to lie on towels, etc. In Asia banana lounges are everywhere! It's kind of hard to believe that there aren't any here? I guess the majority of our population loves the beach and they are usually packed.. wouldn't be too much room for any banana lounges!


  3. Your blog is fantastic! I just spent ages digging through all of your past posts :)

    And I'm really loving the idea of packing my bags and taking the next flight over to Thailand because those pictures make it look amazing - definitely feeling the holiday vibe!

    Following your blog, I love it so much :)

  4. The weather is looking stunning over there. While Australia is experiencing the winter chills! Have fun!

  5. oh my gosh sooooo beautiful i haveee to visit there! the beaches look incredible.

  6. I just got back from my third visit to Thailand last week and Patong is definitely a favorite of mine after Racha Island <3. Did you head down to Phuket Town Market/Central Festival?