Thursday, June 30, 2011


In Phuket, we went to see the highly-acclaimed, all-animal stage production called "FantaSea". When we arrived in Phuket, there were large scale billboards advertising the show and as soon as we reached town centre, all the tourist stalls were regarding it as a 'must-see' attraction. Being an 'only in Phuket' thing to do, we booked out tickets and off we went! Not knowing much to expect, we were in for a mind-blowing experience!

FantaSea is regarded as Phuket's most popular night time themepark, where there are numerous gaming stalls, shops, colourful displays, rides and the main attraction, "FantaSea" the stage production.

Here are some snaps from our wonder around the park:

As the day progressed, we do not realise until after our buffet dinner (which is included in the ticket) that the show was to be held inside the Palace of the Elephants!

I remember the first moment my eyes laid on the grand, majestic architecture... I first thought it was a real, aging building due to the glorious reconstruction of a Sukhothai-era stone palace. The design and elephant statues took my breath away, it felt like I was seeing something so special, hundreds of years back in time.

Due to the strict rule of no cameras or video inside the Palace, we had to check in our cameras and claim them after the show. But let me tell you the show is ah-mazing and I think at one point I shed a tear of happiness and awe because it was so, so good! (yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it, it was that crazy-good!)

Many celebrities, high-profile figures and sports people have watched the show, and you can see just how popular it is as you walk through the hall of fame type corridors. You will immediately be appreciative of the amount of effort, planning, construction and detailing the Thai people have undergone to pull off this production and amusement park.

Here are a few snaps of the Palace of the Elephants at night, highlighting the beautiful angles and architecture at it's best form. You really did feel like worlds away standing before it.

With FantaSea's strong focus on elephants, there were actual elephants walking around the grounds in front of the Palace. There was a lot of opportunities to get a photo with them and touch them. As you can see in the photo below, my grin is ear-to-ear I was that happy to pat an elephant in real-life hehe. It was truly a magical moment!

After reading through so many reviews of the show, here is one review I felt summed it up perfectly:

"The performance and stage areas are simply colossal. Every part of the theater is used, from the aisles to the ceiling and even the audience becomes a part of the show. Modern effects such as rain, smoke, lasers and more are combined with traditional Thai costume, dance and music. The animals are the stars of the show. Included in the performance are elephants, roosters, goats, doves and water buffalo. The show is dazzling, entertaining and quintessentially Thai."

Since I could not share with you any photos from the show itself, here is a promotional photo from FantaSea. While watching the show, I counted 16 elephants on stage at the one time! It was amazing to see each of them strike a pose, participate in 'canon-like' sequences, bow and position their trunk like a curl. You seriously wont' believe your eyes!

The bottom line is - FantaSea is 100% a MUST-SEE atttraction for anyone visiting Phuket. I have seen a handful of stage productions in my lifetime and this one is definitely world-class.

I can guarantee you will be amazed and it will be one unforgettable experience!

For more info about FantaSea and booking details - head over to their official website here.


  1. beautifulll its sooo beautiful this place! elephants are so nice. I rode one when I was in Cambodia called Sambo!

    Lovely outfits as well ;)


  2. I waaaaant to gooooo!!!!


  3. you look amazing! i LOVE this! :)

  4. wow looks like such a splendid place! =)

  5. Cute outfit(s)!! Haven't been to Thailand for ages but just got back from Greece where the water's almost, (only almost) as blue as in the photos in the post above. x

  6. great pictures, bursting with colour! love your blog