Thursday, June 02, 2011


Wearing: Faux Fur Coat (Red Cross Shop Newtown), Ethnic bag (Thailand), Tie-dye top and scarf (Chatuchak Markets), skirt and tights (Supre) and Chelsea Boots (Marais USA via Solestruck)

Continuing on from my previous post, the ethnic/tribal/aztec/ trend is certainly amongst the top of the list of leading trends this season. Whether it is winter here in the Southern hemisphere or summer in the north, adding ethnic influences to any outfit is almost too easy! During my time in Thailand, I was on the look out for the "perfect" ethnic bag that had the right balance of bold colours, accents and details. This was somewhat impossible as EVERY ethnic bag I came across caught my fancy - seriously, how can you choose? It was a bit overwhelming (in a good way) but in the end I finally made up my mind with this multi-coloured, pom-pom adorned baby. It's been glued to my arms ever since!

The faux fur coat was a find I picked up from the Red Cross Shop in Newtown last year when it first opened. It kept me warm all throughout last winter and no doubt it would do just the same this year. The texture of the faux fur is not really animal-fur like but leans more towards the fur of a teddy bear. Yep, I morph into one big cuddly teddy whenever I wear it! (perfect for winter snuggles) .... Other than the teddy bear fur, the tapered fit was another plus!

My Chelsea boots from Marais USA via Solestruck have also been another favourite during these cold weeks. They are easy to slip on and waterproof! Ideal for those 10cm deep puddles you may just come across! (I'm counting 5 so far thanks to Sydney's crazy weather) Sometimes I also feel I'm a long lost member of the Tap Dogs! haha

These photos were taken on a lovely Sunday outdoors at Fox Studios, Entertainment Centre. My sister Kassy and her boyfriend Alvaro had booked a Trapeze Flying lesson which was a joy to watch and play the role of photographer. Both of them were quite the stand-outs out of the group and sure did impress not only myself but other on-lookers nearby. They both had an enjoyable time and was a whole different thrill in itself.

For lunch we went to grab some delicious South American food from one of the market stalls. Boy oh boy was it a treat to our tastebuds - barbequed Chorizo sausages and garlic prawns!! We had to order a second serving as we munched down the food like hungry horses.

For an afternoon treat we bought these amazing, super cute mini pancakes. Can you tell we were hungry! haha

Last but not least, since our tummies were satisfied - a material purchase was inevitable! These leather goodies were priced considerably and were too good to pass up on. Let's just say, I walked away with a delightful AND versatile mustard piece.

Hope your week has been pleasant and not too busy! I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow!

What do you have planned for the weekend? I will mustering up the courage to go for the big chop and cut my hair shoulder length. If you follow me me on Twitter, you may have seen my Camilla Belle inspiration pic. Do you think it will be a flop or not?! Any suggestions?

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  1. Mhhm those mini dutch pancakes are the best, the last music festival I went to I literally lived off these babies for 3 days! You can buy a machine that makes them in kMart

  2. The mini pancakes look scrumptious especially covered in chocolate sauce.

    Also I am loving the faux coat, you're so lucky to get your hands on it last year. I've been in need of finding a perfect warming coat for the winter season.

  3. This scarf and bag are great! And food looks so delicious

  4. Oh man, all these pictures of food just makes me hungry, haha!
    That Trapeze flying lesson must have been a lot of fun. I wish some day I have the opportunity to have a lesson too.
    I love your ethnic bag! You give a pop of color to the look, great!

    Take Care!

  5. Damn Lauren why do you always make everything look so amazing? You pull off fur and ethnic print like no one else! Wow! I just can't believe you got that teddy bear jacket second're so lucky.

    And thanks as always for the food porn...I get hungry looking at your blog. I had poffertjes today too! But real Dutch ones...because I'm in Holland!

    Great post as always Lauren :) I am sitting on the fence about your pending haircut. You'll look pretty either way....I'm just not sure!

    x x x


    KISSES FROMbloggerblogsfashion ♥

  7. I love your blog - your photos and style are incredible. Loving the tribal print too. This weekend I'm off to the Amalfi coat in Italy! sooo excited :) p.s. those mini pancakes look sooo good.


  8. I love the outfit! the colors on that bag are adorable, and that food looks absolutely delicious!

  9. love the colors and patterns in this outfit! so chic!

  10. awesome use of colours, i get weak in the knees over ethnic prints!


  11. ooo! I cant wait to see your hair cut! I am sure it will look awesome. I love your outfit so much, that tie dye shirt is fantastic! Also the food you ate looks delicious!! :) have a great weekend! I am going to the coast! yeay!

  12. First of all, babe you have a gorgeous oval face, so any hair cut will suit it!
    Secondly, your outfit is amazing - haven't visited/been reading my fave blogs for a while but WOW totally forgot how hot you were ;)


  13. I love your fur coat!!!

  14. this is one of my fave looks from you !!
    the fur coat is lovely :)

    www.glisters and

  15. amazing outfit! u look so chic! :)

  16. mmm, this mkes me crave a good market crawl and some even better foooooooood. heheh and you look gorgeous, fur mixed with those bright ethnic prints works perfecto on you! X

  17. oh my days! love the bag and the fooood!!!

    how can I email subscribe to your blog?


  18. So much to look at in this post! Chorizo is possibly my favourite thing on this planet. YUM!


  19. I LOVE this outfit - I love all of the colors together. Such a beautiful combination.