Sunday, June 26, 2011


One day I happened to stumble upon Anthropologie's Home Decor page whilst browsing online. I was not prepared for what I would see; the most amazing home furnishings and decorative items - EVER! I know that is a big statement, but as I recall my last visit to Ikea... well ladies and gents, Anthropologie wins hands down. I've seen quite a few bloggers wear pieces from the store (yes, they stock fashion too), but my eyes were fixed on all the homewares and especially their line of bedding.

Here is a selection of my most favourite pieces:

QUILT COVER SETS (top to bottom)

Shanti Paisley Bedding
My absolute favourite of them all! I love the paisley and shades of orchid, magenta and red oranges! I WANT
Alhambra Quilt
This quilt cover set reminds me of my china porcelain print blouse I thrifted here How could I not like it!
Lush Landscape Bedding
Bright and colourful, blooming with energy, this quilt cover set will attract anyone looking for a slumber amongst nature at it's most fertile

Homewares (clockwise)

Bright Morning Teacups, Assorted
Handle-less tea cups, allowing you to fully wrap your hands around a hot cup of tea! Mmmhhmm
Ikat Rose Curtain
Light, not overbearing design, the perfect amount of graphics
Karakoram Rug
The perfect combination of all things aztec and native right beneath your feet!
Five-Point Ring Dish
Every girl needs one. This piece will also make as a delightful feature piece on your dresser.
Celluloid Dream Base
Just because old 35mm film reels should make a comeback!
Owl Doorstop
Who doesn't love owls? This little fellow will keep your doors in place.
Quirky Heirloom Throw
Not even your Nan could knit a throw like this one!

For more amazing and awe-inspiring pieces from Anthropologie, check out their online store. From fashion to beauty, homewares to footwear, this outlet will have you covered head-to-toe and roof-to-floor.


  1. Lauren thank you so much for this post! You always seem to post things just as I'm getting interested in them...for instance yesterday I decided I needed a massive room makeover. Everything in my room is white and purchased from Ikea, but I decided that it was kind of lacking in personality. This post is a god-send, because I was struggling to think of where to get furniture and bed linen from if not from Ikea! Is Anthropolgie expensive? Nevertheless, this post is SO inspiring!

    Also Lauren, thanks for all your sweet comments as of late. I'm only getting to replying to them now because I didn't bring my laptop to London. It means a lot that you like my posts and outfits, because you are seriously such an amazing blogger and style icon! Hehe. Yes, London was amazing. I never thought I'd want to live anywhere else but Melbourne, but London is my new love- I felt like it was where I belonged! Yay! Have you been there?

    x x x

  2. Anthro literally has the BEST home decor, I dieee every time.

  3. Ooooo... I just might be at the beginning of redecorating the new digs, this is a VERY nicely timed post. ;)


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