Monday, June 06, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I finally had the chance to meet another blogger in person thanks to the lovely Brooke from re:new vintage and our joint effort to arrange a coffee date! Brooke's blog was one of my first blogs I started reading when I first started blogging and her online vintage store re:new vintage had also introduced me to the ever-expanding world of online vintage.

It was a great opportunity to sit down and really get to know a fellow blogger whom I've only "conversed" and exchanged comments/tweets with online. From blogger to blogger we were able to talk about similar interests, fashion trends and share our personal stories on a more one-on-one level rather than behind a computer screen. Here I found out a couple of things I wouldn't have known about Brooke through her blog - she has a sweet English accent (originally Australian though) and the two of us are pretty much the same height! Funny that.

Since being a reader of Brooke's blog, I followed her journey of her pregnancy with her first baby Paige and couldn't help but to be amazed at her physique before and after the birth. She's one ultra-stylish mum that's for sure and has an incredible collection of silver jewellery including a chain ear-cuff and ring!

Whilst looking at these photos, I cannot help but to notice our personal styles are very distinguished and apparent when you see them so visibly close to one another. When reading other blogs, you gradually create an identity of that blogger from what you read and see in their posts. It may or may not be the "image" the blogger is aiming to portray but you inevitably create somewhat a "visual branding" of each blogger you come across. I found Brooke's style is very urban chic with accents of native/tribal influences and a penchant for exotic jewellery. Having told me she has done her fair share of traveling around the world, this is noticeably reflected in her style of dressing. Her favourite jeans from River Island have followed her around the globe and I'm sure they have a lot of stories to tell.

Here I am wearing one of my favourite thrifted finds - a geometric printed jacket. You would of probably seen it here in this past post of mine ! I guess you can describe my personal style to be eclectic, vintage and tom-boy meets church girl haha I am also wearing my favourite velvet skirt from American Apparel which I seriously can't get enough of. Speaking of American Apparel - I have been included in their Seen and Submitted feature for the skirt.

On a different note! This is my first outfit post with my short hair :)

Wearing: geometric printed jacket (thrifted local vinnies), knitted vest (thrifted), velvet skirt (American Apparel), socks and crochet brogues (Sportsgirl).

It was a lovely afternoon hanging out with Brooke and definitely made me feel more comfortable about the possibility of meeting other bloggers! We shared a few chuckles or two when taking each other's photos (but I guess only bloggers would understand that! hehe)

Visit Brooke and her online vintage store re:new vintage here or if you'd like catch us on Twitter here and here

Until the next blogger meet - hope you all had a pleasant weekend!


  1. that would have been really exciting for you to catch up! & i completely agree when you say you really start to brand bloggers style.. so often im browsing through online stores or see looks in editorials & i immediately think of a fellow blogger.. & more than once ive actually seen them pop up wearing said item! i think thats the beauty of individualism right? & your hair looks gorgeous. totally love the look, are you in love with it? & your jacket is such a cute piece.. im looking forward to being on holidays so i can go vintage & new shopping. exciting times i tell you!
    also im rather obsessed with brookes jeans & those rings of hers.x

  2. I absolutely adore this jacket. The colours in it are amazing!


  3. It seems like you both had a great time!! That is so cool!
    You both look great, love what your wearing. :D

  4. weooow! love the colours in that blazer and the torn, shredded jeans. die.


  5. *lol @those walking pics, we must have looked right idiots!!! Not only is our personal style different but our blog writing style as well; I'm a woman of few words compared to the thought you've put in here! :)

    Looking forward to our next date.


  6. Fantastic!!!!*_*;D

  7. This is one of the best outfits I have ever seen. I love every single piece! Now following x

  8. Brooke looks amazing in those jeans- what a testament to her style! Because I'm pretty sure some people would look awful in them. I'm going to check her blog out now, she looks amazing already!

    Also, I am completely sold on your hair now. It looks fabulous Lauren. And your thrifted finds, as always, look great!

    x x x

  9. Thanks to this meeting I've discovered a new intersting blog.
    And I just love your jacket!

  10. wow great pics! you look stunning and you've got such an gorgeous style!

  11. Loving, living, dying for your blog.

  12. absolutely loooooooooooove ur look!

    great hair

    love skirt and cardi esp:))

    also <3 the other's girl bag!wow

  13. cute blog! pretty shots :) keep it up <3 FOLLOWED. hope you could follow me as well

  14. That is so great that you got to meet up and it was fun :) She has nice style! and I looove what you are wearing! Everything about it is solid gold.. the shoes & socks combo is so cute! and your jacket <3

  15. I love your style!!

    the jacket...everything!!!

  16. happy belated birthday beautiful lady!AND this was such a joy to read you guys look soo rapt, and you look to freaking cool darling, the skirt is gem! xxx

  17. omgosh i love that jacket. it's truly a one of a kind!


  18. this is such a fabulous post. must be great to be able to meet up with fellow bloggers...there aren't too many here (that i know of), sadly. your styles are very different, but i love both.