Thursday, June 16, 2011


To celebrate my birthday, my girlfriends and I treated ourselves to a jam-packed day and night on the town. A glorious windy afternoon at Bondi Beach with great company, funky street art, skate park and laughs. Followed by a delicious Italian style lunch of garlic bread, bruschetta, Tagliatelle Marinara and pizza. Afternoon check-in to the BLUE Sydney Hotel in Woolloomooloo. Classy decor, cobalt blue and pier views. Up next, all smiles as I unwrap my birthday present - Johnny Guitar Corduroy Shorts from Somedays Lovin' via Market HQ. Oh yeahhh!!!

Night time fun and clubbing outfits coming up in next post!

Thank God for this shortened 4-day work week. I want to do this all again!

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  1. OMG THIS POST IS AMAZING! the food, the clothes, i'm obsessseeeed! AH and that hotel room looks sooo pretty! xx

  2. I love those shorts!! I'm sure they look great on you!!
    It seems like you had a great weekend, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. ;)

  3. Gorgeous. Lucky you missed the rain in bondi! Those shorts are so cool x

  4. love those shorts! so adorable

    <3 Alison

  5. Looks waaaaay fun! Welcome to 23! :)


  6. You look gorgeous and glowing girl! And yay you have the JG shorts! WOO! Am sure they will be a winner right through until summer!

    Thanks for the shout out! :)


  7. aww all of you look so great! I like your pants sooo much! and those shorts you got are amazing!! Happy birthday again ^-^

  8. AMAZING! looks like a great time, I love the shorts in the last shot! that graffiti wall is totally cool.

  9. great style sweetie!

  10. Hope you had a blast in your birthday! I'm definetely obssessed with your pictures, the food looks great, and omg it!
    I think your hair looks great, mine is a bit longer than yours, but i think it's the same cut. Amazing.
    Take Care!

  11. hello!!! thanks for the lovely comment, i am excited to meet some fellow sydney bloggers! you have a fantastic blog, love all the layering - i gotta perfect this trend :)

    you make bondi look even prettier!


  12. Fun pics! I love those graffiti walls- your outfits go so well against them- love your bag!! So glad you found me- I love getting to know new bloggers (especially ones who are graphic designers too!) I'm gonna check out your portfolio now :)

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  13. AHhhhh YAY!!! Happy Birthday girl! J-Guitars are going to look like sex on legs on you!

    And thanks so much for the always lovely blog comments! I stop by here often, love your posts :)

    Have a great night!

    Bel xxx

  14. Cool photos, it looks like you had much fun! I love your outfit!

    Happy Wednesday!

  15. Would love to visit there, great photos. Loving your back btw.

  16. Ahhhh, you make Bondi look like the most glamorous place on earth, and you and your girls are all so beautiful! Love the last photo- you look soo cute!

    Hehehe the word Woolomooloo always makes me giggle.

    And also Lauren...your photos lately have been out of this world. They are such good quality and you are such a model! Next big thing, you are x x x