Sunday, June 19, 2011


Continuing on from previous post .....

After a delightful afternoon at Bondi, it was then night fall and time to really let our hair down, meaning:

BLUE foyer snaps, Thai Tea and din din at Jimmy Liks, braving the rain to see Vivid Sydney, being silly amongst the light installations and getting our groove AND drinks on at Red Room.

The following morning we went for brunch across the road at Sienna Marina. Despite the heavy rain and grey skies, fried eggs, bacon, chorizo omelette, banana pancakes and a round of lattes sure did satisfy our appetites.

Good times, good memories!

On a different note, I've been sporting the "one-earring" look since I got my hair cut! I've always wanted to do so, but I felt quite hesitant with my longer hair before. Do you like?.... Keep it or stray?

Hope you all had a top weekend guys!?

If you follow me on Twitter, I recently got my hands on a new iPhone 4 (FINALLY!!!) I've been installing so many apps and am already addicted to Instagram! The 'popular page' is overflowing with amazing photos - I seriously just can't get enough and been 'liking' like crazy!

Who else is on Instagram?!! If you are, holla!

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  1. you look so gorgeous lauren, love the faux fur and the neon lights. too cool


  2. I missed out on going to Vivid this year. Absolutely a skyhigh pile of work to do for school. But your adventure there seems great!

  3. haa, i love this post! looks like you guys had so much fun :)
    about the one earring, i like it! ive been doing it too recently and its kinda fun, especially with biiig dangly ones
    happy late birthday x

  4. love your coat! looks awesome :)

  5. this looks soo fun! xo

  6. Wow the meals look so yum!

  7. loving your boots and the picture of your dancing in the spirally thing!

  8. i'm loving the details in that last photo.

  9. I love your hair and the pictures are soo good!

  10. all that food looks so scrumptious :) & looks like you had an amazing night out. awesome that you got to catch the vivid lights festival at the same time.x