Thursday, June 30, 2011

Psychedelic In Phuket

Here I go again with the 70s - but this time, let's transport this little blog post to Phuket, Thailand! Whilst shopping for affordable, comfortable and summery clothing prior my holiday, I found myself visiting the sale section of Supre's website. They had a great range of cute cropped tops, tie-dye tanks, printed shorts and bold, colour-popping basics that were perfect to help me stock up for the tropical, humid weather in Thailand. I actually made 2 separate orders because of the ridiculously low prices, I just could not pass them up!

Included in the first order was this psychedelic, sheer long-sleeved blouse. I was immediately attracted to the colourful retro pattern, reminiscent of Malibu pool parties in the 70s. I quickly secured my size and added it to my basket, it was reduced to around $12.50 if I remember correctly! How could I refuse?! Here I have worn it tied in a knot, with acid white denim high-waisted shorts and big hoop earrings. I wore this outfit to a stage production called FantaSea, which I will be sharing with you next. I sure felt I was in a tropical haven, and I guess it reflected in what I wearing that day.

Wearing: blouse (Supre), shorts (vintage), sandals (Freelance), hoop earrings and rings all from Thailand.

And oh, please excuse my mosquito bitten legs! Ever since I was little, mosquitoes have found my blood rather tasty and will inevitably attract so many bites. I think I would be eaten alive in the jungle. I'm actually allergic and they go really red and inflame big time! My trusty Aeroguard somehow failed me :(

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  1. Beautiful blouse it looks great with white shorts.

  2. what a bang'n blouse! its very pucci-esque i reckon! you look soooo happy & relaxed too, mega envious. i need an island getaway asap.x

  3. So bright and summery! Looking fab.


  4. I seriously in love with all the colourful prints you wear! I wish I could be bold like you, but the colours and prints work real well for you!

  5. That shirt is AMAZING! Hope you visit back! Izzy xo

  6. that shirt is crazy amazing!

  7. that shirt is amazing! so tropical, love it !
    the entire outfit it lovely.
    you blog is amazing, definitely a follower xx