Sunday, June 26, 2011


During our stay in Phuket, we booked a sea cave canoe tour where you are taken to Phang Nga Bay and go exploring amongst the untouched sea caves which are only accessible when the tides are low. It was an amazing experience, and one that I was waiting for throughout the whole trip. We boarded inflatable canoes that had enough room to fit 3 people max. When the sea cave ceiling was awfully low (like 3cm from touching your head) we had to lie down to fit through tight gaps! Eeeeppp! YES I KNOW, IT WAS SCARY. Though when we finally came out of the dark, a magical and serene lagoon greeted us. All you could hear was the insects and birds, nature at it's best in an untouched paradise. But when we entered the bat cave, it was not an enjoyable experience. The number one rule the crew told us when entering a fully pitch black cave - make sure you close your mouths at all times. Why may you ask? Because bats will crap on you!! AND THEY DID! MANY TIMES! eeekkk hahaha Let's just say it was a fast exit out of that cave!

Wearing: Bikini (Victoria's Secret), Raybans Wayfarers, Haviannas and Aztec print shorts (Supre)

This was the first time I jumped off a boat - EVER! It may not look like a high jump here, but let me tell you, the boat was big, 2 stories high! I would do anything to do it again!

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  1. cool pants and it seemed so fun!
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  2. Really cute pics !
    I'm in love with your shorts.
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  3. this post is amazing. Gorgeous, care free and almost relaxing just to look at them! I love the beachy attire you get to wear on holidays and your shorts are perfecto
    HOW GOOD ARE THOSE JUMPING SHOTS! and it does look high


  4. beautiful beautiful post!
    So care free and I love the beachy attire you get to wear on holidays!
    Those jumping shots are perfect!


  5. that swing is so cute~!! Thailand is definitely one of the best place for getaway! I miss miss miss summer so much! haven't really have a real summer since I come to Melbourne

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  6. cool post

    <3 the shorts

  7. that sounds amazing! looks like the best time ever... soo jealous.

  8. Wow. I despise small dark spaces but zi could definitely put up with them for that experience - so beautiful and looks Hella fun! And don't you look all babe with your deep tan and those shorts-with-almost-the-coolest-print-I've-ever-seen ;)

  9. well aren't you just a pretty darling! your holiday sounds amazing (maybe not the bat crap haah) and the photos are gorgeous x

  10. I WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE. Seriously, so jealous right now.. and these pictures are absolutely beautiful.

    I'm diggin' the aztec shorts! I've been dying to get a pair similar to those.

    infinite x's and o's,

  11. This place looks amazing.
    I want to jump off the boat too! Aaaaa

  12. I want to go Thailand now!! It looks so beautiful, makes me miss summer so much!
    I love those aztec shorts, yum!

  13. WOW. Amazing photos. You're GORGEOUS. And I really love your shorts.

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    Karoline Kalvo

  14. These photos are wow! The quality is insane - love it! And your Aztec shorts are super cute, everyone seems to be wearing Aztec this summer - i really need something with it on! xoxo

  15. These are some lovely pictures!! And I love your shorts!!! I would totally love to be there next time you should take me with you. hahah
    xoxo asiahlynn

  16. I have seen your blog, and it is so cool :)

    I am following you now!!!

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  17. I want to be here. Bad. That swing above the water is fantastic. I love everything about this!

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

  18. Your shorts are amazing!! Gorgeous photos too.

  19. babe your photos are beyond beautiful! i would love to travel to thailand sometime soon.. really hoping within the next 2yrs i'll make it there :) the canoe-ing sounds like a really fun & beautiful experience.
    also im digging those shorts so much, so so much fun & look fab against a tan.x

  20. lovely photos! i've always wanted to visit phuket. xx

  21. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! That's funny about the bats. It looks so beautiful there. And you look great in a bikini! And how is it that you pull off crazy shorts like that like it's no problem?


  22. All the pictures are stunning and marvelous. I love the pictures taken in the sea the most as there is natural feel of the water all around. Hope I can also get a chance to go for such a wonderful trip.