Thursday, July 07, 2011


Last weekend Brooke from re:new vintage and I met up for a blogger catchup along with Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall, whom I met for the first time :) It was great to talk and converse in the flesh rather behind a computer monitor via blog comments/tweets that we've exchanged up to the day. Both Brooke's and Emma's blogs are probably the first couple of blogs I started reading when I joined the "blogosphere". Can I get a big hooray for the all the Aussie blogs out there!? hehe

We caught up over tea, cake, a cheese platter and sticky date pudding at Buzzz Cafe in Newtown. It was definitely nice to indulge and at the same time talk about our similar interests like travel, vintage shopping, markets and tequila haha.

Afterwards each of us played the role of "photographer" and started snapping away! ka-chek ka-chek

I love how these photos really highlight each of our own personal styles and most importantly our statement pieces like Brooke's tassled and Emma's self-crocheted scarfs and my handmade fabric-plaited necklace.


I'm wearing: Handmade fabric-plaited necklace (Thief&Bandit), shredded knit and velvet tights (Supre) and Doctor Martens.

By the end of it- I guess we all wanted to let our hair down and go nuts! (referring to the photos below)

Oh the possibilities of a carefully positioned camera and self-timer ;)

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  1. Saggy knees, ugh! haha Nice photos, go us! ;)

    <a href="http://renewvintage.blogspot.con/>renewvintage.blogspot</a>

  2. love the colorful necklace!!!

  3. You are all adorable the last shot in my favorite :) I love aussie bloggers!

  4. These velvet tights and martens look great!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic tim, you all looked great but I love your leggings/tights x

  6. i really lov ethis outfit of yours!

    - true

  7. Loving those tights, lady!!

    I'm hosting a knuckle ring giveaway.
    strawberry freckleface

  8. This looks like heaps of fun! U girls are adorable :P