Thursday, July 21, 2011


Please welcome a new segment to Your Only Blackswan, called
"Lust List".

It's pretty self explanatory really, a bunch of stuff I've been lusting, dreaming and going crazy about. There are so many things I've had my eye on or has tickled my fancy, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my personal taste, likes and interests rather than just outfit posts and me, me, me photos! haha

My Lust List Number 1 includes a lot of knitted, handcrafted pieces, as well as quirky, novelty items I find peculiar yet oh unique. More details of where to get below.

1. Black Leather Colorful Pendleton Wool Purse Shoulder Bag 2. Navy, Gold, Red, Aqua, Yellow and Gray Striped Mule Deer Antler 3. Navajo Aztec White Leather Hand Embroidered Necklace 4. Multicolored Ribbed Beanie Color Change Purple Blue Red 5. Dreamy, Whimsical, Saving for a rainy day Wall Clock 6. Rubiks Cube Mug 7. Vintage Black Woven Cotton Southwestern Ethnic Distressed Buckle Belt 8. She Sells Sea Shells Necklace 9. Oversized Chain-Link Scarf Doubles As A Giant Necklace 10. Agate Bookends

Since spotting a knitted cable link scarf at the last Finders Keepers Markets, I've been on the hunt for the perfect kind. After much looking around, the idea of a potential DIY project is most likely on the cards. I can always start knitting for next winter right?... Now that's what you call an early start!

Mind you, I spend a lot of time browsing around on Etsy. It's a trap that site! Before you know it, so much time has already passed and your hunger for more handmade goods has grown even more!

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  1. Really cool things!
    I love numbers 1,2,7 and 8

  2. Hey !
    I like that knit necklace thing, it would look great with t-shirts, and basic stuff like that :)

  3. wowww looks awesome!
    please visit my blog, would be an honour
    It's Fashion Damnit

  4. That scarf is awesome! Definitely my favourite on the list!


  5. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't forget to enter my giveaway contest!!

  6. numbers 2 & 5 are my favourites on your lust list! if only we could always get whats on our lusts lists hey?x

  7. that sea shell necklace is AMAZAZING!! wowww. and I like the pendleton bag too!

  8. i seriously need that oversized-knitted-chain-scarf in my life - it's just way too glorious!

    xx //

  9. SOOOO GOOD! Oh my god if I saw those book-ends I would immeadiately think of you and your crystal obsession. You must get them! They are AMAZING! Wow these pieces all look so good together...are you into interior design stuff Lauren? I would love to see what you could do on a home reno show or something. I only ever shop at Ikea for stuff for my room but now I am sooo going to get "trapped" on Etsy. The clock! Ohhhh I need the clock!

    x x x

  10. Great collection! I do love the rubiks cube mug. The man of the house do not realize that he needs one. But I know better.
    I am so thrilled with your collection, so I added a link on StillWithYou's facebook page. Hope that's fine with you.


  11. I love ever single piece! You may like my etsy store too: