Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Wearing: Velvet fringed top (Red Mera Vintage
), Johnny Guitar Shorts (Somedays Lovin' via Market HQ), grunge boots (Cream On Crown), fringed suede bag (Glebe Markets)

There are those certain details that make any out-of-the-ordinary piece
"extra-ordinary". For example, this amazing velvet fringed top and suede fringed bag to match! You may recall this velvet fringed number from my past post, that I purchased as a special birthday pressie to myself from Red Mera Vintage. I have worn it on numerous occasions but haven't had the chance to share a styled look of it on here. In the past I have teamed it up with tie-dye jeans (really exuding that hippie vibe) and layered with a fur vest. Here I have paired it up with these Johnny Guitar shorts from Somedays Lovin' you may have also seen before.

Overall this look is very whimsical, hippie and eclectic with a considerable amount of fringing. If does look I was
"over-doing it" with the fringing, I just could not help myself - as I picked up this bag for a mere $10 at Glebe Markets. (unbelievable!) It's completely brand new, I had to pinch myself at the fact I stumbled upon a store that was selling all their items for $10. That just doesn't happen! haha

These photos were taken by neighbour and blogger buddy Thu from Original Number.
After trying to find a gap in our busy schedules, we managed to catch up over the weekend and talk all things blogging, internships, fashion and shoes. Thu is studying fashion at the newly opened Fashion Institute and is interning at Madison Magazine and well as Market HQ, which is an incredible opportunity in itself! Go Thu!!

In the photo above is a raw rose quartz gemstone I received from her, which I reworked and turned into a pendant using wire. I am quite happy with the result and even continued to do the same with other raw amethyst rocks I had lying around. What do you guys think? ....

Here are some shots of Thu and myself. Isn't her bowler style hat cute or what?! There was a load of dandelions scattered across the grass it was inevitable that one of us would sooner or later pick one up and give it a blow hehe

I hope you are all having a good week! I apologise for the halt in posting!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would of seen I was disconnected from the Internet for the whole weekend! Crazyyy, I just didn't know what to do. Since it's back up now, I will visiting your blogs and catching up with all things in the blogosphere. Yay!

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  1. How freaking amazing is your top!? I absolutely love the colour and it is also velvet!? SO WIN!
    Gorgeous bag - and I notice your hair kinda matches the colour of your shorts? A little? LOVE it!



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  2. Ten dollars! What a steal for glebe! I really love the texture of your top! It's gorgeous.

  3. the top is sooo pretty! very unique.

    - True


  4. You look great, shorts are incredible!

  5. amazing!!!


  6. i love that velvet top on you. it is so unique and original. and it looks super comfy! i would probably be petting myself all day haha


  7. It was such a fun/great catch up!!
    We'll definitely do it in a couple weeks time. I love the fringe bag and top that you wore.


  8. oh thats so cool that you girls are neighbours! & first off - that photo of you blowing on the dandelion is gorgeous! lots of fringing going on here, v.cool! i love love love that jewelled necklace, so cool that you managed to rework it yourself, & i also have that owl ring too! except on of my eyes fell off :(
    also, you know what amazes me is that we can wear clothes like what you're wearing here - shorts w/ stockings & then just a single long sleeved top - when thats some of the clothes i see popping up on blogs in the northern hemisphere! thank goodness for that cos i would hate to have colder weather than what we do & a sucky summer.
    hope your week flies & that this rain hurries up & hides away.x


  9. I think you should know that I'm extremely mad at you for not grabbing one of those bags for me! ;)

    When's our next catch up. Msg me your free days. :)


  10. Oh heck! That bag is ridiculously good - totally not fair! Love the outfit too! That rose quartz pendant is beautiful in its natural uncut form:)
    p.s. I added you to my sidebar of fave blogs - I always click on your new posts straight away :)
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage blog

  11. the blue velvet is magic!!! crazy about it!!!

  12. i am so in love with your velvet top! xx

  13. Both you and Thu look really lovely! I cant believe that bag was only $10!! I looove this outfit so much, the mixing of velvet, fringe, and tie dye is soo great <3

  14. Love that top so so much the whole out fit is perfect!

  15. your hair is so awesome:)!

  16. this is just the most amazing top, it looks like something a member of the rolling stones would wear in the sixties! xo


  17. The dandelion pictures are the cutest! And wow, congrats Thu. Everything that she has got going for her sounds wonderful- good job girl!

    Lauren, only you could pull this outfit off (and your hair just adds to it. I'm liking it more and more!). Fringing, velvet, shorts, crystals...wish I had the guts to wear it all AND look as cute as you do! Love it :)

    x x x x