Tuesday, July 05, 2011


One of the most peaceful and tranquil places in Phuket is Karon Beach, south from Patong. After scanning our tourist map and receiving a lot of recommendations to see this must-see beach, we decided to catch a tuk tuk and check it out for ourselves. It was the perfect escape from Patong's hustle and bustle, where a continuous line of banana lounges stretched the entire length of the beach and locals hut positioned behind catering drinks, towels and other beach-appropriate snacks.

It felt like worlds away from Patong, everything was much more quiet, to the point where you can actually hear yourself breathe and listen to your own thoughts. There was nothing else to do but lay down on your banana lounge, soak up the sun and listen to the waves break; utter bliss!

Having always wanted to "sip on a coconut on the beach"... I leapt at the opportunity with no hesitation! It was like a dream come true! Hahaha..... maybe not quite, but close to! Can you say - "I LOVE COCONUTS!" haha For lunch we ordered some home-made dishes made by the locals and to our surprise it was the best meal we'd had in all of Phuket! I had garlic kingprawns which went down a treat!

Wearing: Bikini (Seafolly), bubblegum cropped singlet (Supre), sunnies (Dotti) and straw hat.

Above is my attempt of the typical "Let's Fly Jetstar!" jump! Do you think it would pass as the real deal? haha

All in all, Karon beach is truly spectacular! There are not many tourists and since the beach is so long... there's more than enough space to do your own thing and enjoy the splendour undisturbed. The water is crystal clear and there are hardly any waves so you can effortlessly float in the water and go with the gentle flow. You can even go para-sailing if you'd like! There are also locals offering full body massages right on the beach - and for less then $10AUD I treated myself to a solid one hour session. My whole body felt like jelly soon after. The best massage I've had to date.

Karon beach is the place to be if you really want to relax and forget about all your worries. If anyone is staying in or near Patong - make sure you stop by and claim yourself a banana lounge!

On another note - my Thailand posts are pretty much coming to an end!

Stay tuned for my very last Thailand post finale which I will be sharing with you tonight!

It is here I would like to say a big thank you for being so patient to see this lengthy chapter of my blog reach it's end.

Keep your eyes peeled guys and girls!

Happy Tuesday until then!

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  1. lovely you're on holidays! escape sydney winter! you look great. keep having fun in phuket :D


  2. the beaches look soooo good! makes me wanna be lying on a beach asap. your singlet is gorgeous, lovin' all the colours!!x


  3. I only recently discovered your blog, and spend last night reading through all of your Thailand posts... I am going there in a couple of months and your posts have made me sooooo excited!!!

  4. that beach looks beyond amazing!! :)


  5. These photos of you with coconut are beautiful!

  6. that top, the food and the beach :)

  7. OMGOSH I hate you! I want to have fun by the beach, eating shrimps and drinking fresh coconuts!

  8. love the first photo!!!! :P


  9. The pictures make me feel so homesick, I miss Thailand! So glad you're enjoying yourself. I agree, the hustle and bustle of crowded touristy beaches can become so frustrating, a tranquil escape is vital. Our family likes to go to Naithon Beach! xoxo, Veena <3


  10. You definitely know how to accessorize for the beach. These photographs are so lovely.

    Megan Joy

    tweet @_MeganJoy