Sunday, August 14, 2011


I instantly feel like I should be somewhere roaming the American plains whenever I wear this Navajo-inspired throw-over. It's funny how the whole Navajo/aztec/native trend has exploded across all fields of fashion, furniture and jewellery design. I really don't think it will be disappearing anytime soon!

I thrifted this piece during one of my thrifting adventures at Broadway Salvos. For those who live in Sydney, this op-shop is definitely worth stopping by. You may have to sift threw all the racks but that's what makes it fun. Amongst the categorised racks, I came across this delightful number. It is very light and the ideal throw-on, perfect for summer teamed with frayed shorts and a bikini like Ivy Sullivan from 90210. You may also notice my fringe bag looks very similar to this purple one I showcased earlier - priced at only $10, it would of been silly to pass up on this natural coloured one! ;)

These photos were taken over the weekend right before my friends and I headed out to lunch for some chocolate thick shakes and marinara pizza. The sun was out and yet again Mother Nature was teasing us with spring-like weather. All I wanted to do was to bask in the sun and soak up the rays.

Wearing: throw-on (thrifted), highwaisted denim shorts (DIY), amethyst necklace (DIY), leather belt (vintage), Chelsea boots (Marais USA) and suede fringe bag (Glebe Markets)

[Photos by Yesha Singh]

Who else is bewildered at how fast the weekend comes to an end? Earlier today I caught up with Thu (Original Number), Brooke (re:new vintage), and Emma (Spin Dizzy Fall) for some fondue fun at Max Brenner. Talk about a chocolate overload! Photos to come soon

In the mean time, here's a uber cool tune to wrap up the weekend: Little Dragon - Ritual Union.

Happy Sunday guys and girls!

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  1. These colours are gorgeous on you! And I agree, the weather has been such a tease lately I got so excited about the warm weather and now it's suddenly gone cold again. Boo, bring on spring.

    -Laura xox

  2. oh dang girl i lovvvvve those chelsea boots! they look fab on you. & that print on the jacket is amaaaazing. love it, adds so much brightness/colour to your look!sounds like you had a fab weekendo!x

  3. that is an amazing find !! you look incredible deary :) xxx

  4. this jacket is amazing - it looks perfect with the otherwise all black outfit :) x

  5. AMAZING! u so beautiful :)


  6. in love with the look

  7. Your chocolate shake adventure has me craving a strawberry milk shake. You're a stunning woman- I adore the high waisted black pants. Very chic!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  8. such a unique outfit!

    - True

  9. Oh the throw over and the fringing, too amazing for words!


  10. Sweet jacket, the print looks great with your fringe bag.xx.

  11. Fantastic!!!!*_*;D

  12. Honestky how do you always manage to look so effortlessly chic!
    NRC ♥

  13. The cardigan is amazing dear~!! and chocolate thick shake...yumzzzz~!!! I'm so going to get one for myself when it gets warmer here =P

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  14. Great styling!! I love the colors on you. And that lipstick! Tres chic.

    Love the boots, too!

  15. Really nice photos, you look very relaxed... not that you dont normally, just saying the sun is making it look dreamy! haha

    Cool toone as well. Listening has made me decide that our next catch up should involve cocktails! haha