Saturday, August 27, 2011


Teen Vogue September 2011 Editorial 'Weekend Warriors' - Reach fashion nirvana this season with grunge's greatest hits!

Think 90's grunge, plaid and tartan mixed with native accents and braided hair. Layered leggings, clashing prints, statement necklaces and school girl knits.

Photographed by Paola Kudacki

[image source: Teen Vogue]

I kind of died a little when I stumbled across this editorial - I'd never imagined combining both 90s grunge dressing and the whole Navajo trend together. Pure brilliance really!

On a different note, who else agrees that Teen Vogue features more lively, vibrant and emotive shoots than the standard Vogue?.... I understand that the magazine targets a younger demographic, though I feel the pages of Teen are far more engaging and enjoyable to look at. Thoughts anyone....?? Which do you prefer, Teen Vogue or Vogue??

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  1. Ahhh, that little leather hat is the cutest thing ever!

    -Laura xox

  2. I actually quite enjoy reading Teen Vogue. The only thing is that they cost a fortune here. And it's so thin. I know some of the things they feature are probably not for my age anymore (I'm 20) but they're still very on trend and probably a little more affordable/ wearable.
    Lovely photoshoot.

    Mel x

  3. I get Vogue in the mail but I agree teen vogue is more emotive and fun.. but I like them both.
    this photo shoot theme is perfect. I cant get over that black model. she is gorgeous!! ahhh. Their outfits are out of this world <3

  4. Fashion nomads! So cool! You're right teenvogue is a lot more inspiring most of the time Xx

  5. I never would have thought to put 90s grunge and navajo together either- kudos to the Teen Vogue stylists! I totally agree with you, Teen Vogue seems a bit more visionary. I wonder why that is. I'd always pick Teen Vogue over that because I'm still a teen? Hehe. But honestly Teen Vogue is in a league of its much more inspiring than the shoots of other teen magazines like Dolly or Girlfriend x x x

  6. Ooh love this!

    I think Teen Vogue is way more relatable than Vogue in terms of my style anyway... I loved when they brought out Vogue Girl, do you remember that? There were only ever like 3 issues but it was so good, wish they continued it!