Sunday, September 18, 2011


Wearing: Chiffon Cut Out Shoulder Shirt (SUPRÉ), shorts and belt (vintage), bag (Glebe Markets), sunglasses (Cotton On), sandals (Freelance) and mixed jewellery.

Ditch those layers and reveal some skin because Spring is finally here! With Sydney's weather topping at least 29 degrees across the weekend, I made sure I got my healthy dose of sunshine. Thanks to this chiffon cut out shoulder shirt I received from SUPRÉ, my skin was able to breathe in the increasing heat without comprising style. Cinched at the waist with one of my favourite vintage belts, I helped liven the deep maroon colour with a contrast of turquoise jewellery. The cut out shoulder style has been trending for sometime, with many variations ranging from customised denim chambrays right through to lightweight fabrics and shorter sleeve lengths. I believe this trend has become so popular because it suits many body types and it's such a tasteful exposure of skin for those who don't want to bare all.

[Photos by Kassandra Hernandez]

Available at SUPRÉ in a multitude of colours - midnight, watermelon and white (gorgeous against a sun-kissed tan), this piece is very versatile and and easy to style with. Plus the sheer quality of the chiffon makes it a tad bit cheeky and can be easily taken to night time glam worn with funky leggings and platform heels. You also have the option of tucking it in or leave loose as what I have done here. To get your hands on this great summer staple, head here.

On a different note, I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! What did you all get up to?
 Today, I went to a Brazilian birthday lunch and got a bit carried away with Sangria. Afterwards my friends and I stumbled upon Rozelle Markets and managed to pick up some quality finds I can't wait to share with you. We also paid a visit to Adriano Zumbo's renowned patisserie. Such a wonderful Sunday with great company and good times!

For those who follow me on Twitter or have joined me on Facebook, you may have noticed the week has treated me well as I happened to win two giveaways. (that just doesn't happen!) But most importantly I am pleased to say, I am up to the final pages of the first chapter of my design career and will be starting my new role in 4 weeks! I am really happy and look forward to welcoming a new chapter and change in my life.

I hope all is well and would like to thank you for all your wonderful comments recently! If you haven't cast your vote in the 2011 Pedestrian Blogster Awards, make sure you head over to the voting page and start "liking" - Your Only Blackswan is one of the shortlisted finalists!

x Lauren

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  1. Lucky you! Two giveaways! I love the colour of the top - suits your skin tone perfectly. I've always been a fan of this style - albeit a little 80's!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  2. im soooo with you! im overjoyed about getting rid of all the layers & im loving the cut out shoulder tops atm. not too mention that gorgeous winey colour. have a fab week girl!x

  3. Fantastic look, this shirt is amazing!

  4. I tried one of these on the other day but unfortunately the only ones hanging were really badly made (sorry Supre but was majorly unimpressed). Luck of the draw sometimes! Very disappointing cos it's a really cool blouse. Beautiful colour on you too. :)


  5. oooh, that colour looks really good on you! i like the idea of the bare shoulders but funnily enough i haven't come across any! when i do, i shall try, you've inspired me! x

  6. I love the top - such a gorgeous shade!


  7. amazing look, love your blouse.

  8. super HAWT! i want that top!!!!

  9. Amazing picture and amazing outfit, you look so good in this picture, I love your shorts, and that shirt is perfect, what a great color, the perfect touch and your shoes rock, you are really beautiful! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic