Sunday, October 16, 2011


With the weather warming up and weekends looking brighter, I could not ask for a better Saturday in the buzzing eclectic suburb of Surry Hills. The only thing I could ask for, well.... is a never-ending jug of Lychee Sangria that is! It is the ultimate summer drink which got myself, Thu (Original Number), Aprilia (Aprilia Love), Brooke (re:new vintage), Emma (Spin Dizzy Fall), Joelyne (The Sydney Girl) and Jess (Jess Loves Fred) all cheery at The Winery on Crown Street. Having dined upstairs at The Winery before, I was quite excited to dine alfresco in the open air and treat my tastebuds to Whitebait and olives.  Other popular dishes on the table was the ever-so-tempting Mac n' Cheese, Cheeseboard and Chicken Salad. Being bloggers, not only do we like all things fashion and style, but I have come to notice the shared enjoyment of photographing food. If there is one thing which will not fail in making me happy, it is food! Cheers to that!

Here are some snaps from the day:

I still haven't figured out what these statues are meant to be?
Thu and I wondered off and came across these (very) affordable macarons!
Alfresco dining. I love the wine bottle vases!
Lychee Sangria
Whitebait and olives

After lunch and a decent amount of Lychee Sangria (okay, let's be honest... I could of gone for another jug!) we stumbled upon one of Surry Hills' many lovely backstreets and got snap-happy! Here are my favourite pics from the bunch.

Both Thu and Aprilia's Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Brooke's arm party!
Clashing prints: Top (Zara), shorts (Kmart $15!), vintage bag, brogues (Sportsgirl), socks (Rubi)
Thu working it! hehe

Myself, Thu and Joelyne

Details: Self DIY bracelets
Details: Knit, leather and amethyst
 Details: Lace on lace
 Details: Gold and bright colours
Emma and Jess

The strategic and always funny self-timer group shot! What a happy and height-ordered bunch we are! hehe. (please note: I've never been the "shortie", I blame that on the hill and being last in line!)

All in all - good times! It's always a pleasure catching up with like-minded individuals and I'm amazed how each of our styles are amplified during meets like this. It's pretty cool I must say, so please check out all the other girls blogs too if you're not already a reader! With at least 6 DSLRs in action, who knows what each post will have in store!

I hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend! The weather was indeed amazing and last night was the first of many sultry nights out in the city to come! (might share some cheeky pics later)

PS. I start my NEW job tomorrow working at a design studio in Surry Hills! Wish me luck! Looks like Surry Hills will soon be my second home :)

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  1. Your shorts were $15 from K-Mart?! What the fuck, BRB hitting up my local K-Mart

    Wishing you all the best for your new hip job tomorrow!! xx

  2. Wow! You all look gorgeous. I'm so excited to see everyone next Saturday, but I have the depressing knowledge that I have to drive home straight after so I can't drink ANYthing.

    -Laura x

  3. This is the cutest thing ever! Sydney blogger club lol. love it!

    xxo B

  4. Was so lovely seeing you again, lovely Lauren! :)
    Hope you enjoyed your night out last night and didn't feel too bad today! ;)
    Good luck tomorrow - you will be fab!


  5. i saw some of these on instagram the other day. look alike muchos fun!


    Bang & Buck

  6. Yay for tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you. <3


  7. Cute group shots. Looks like you have had a good time. Love the leather shorts and litas.



  8. oh I love the Winery! love the beautiful setting of this :)
    looked like so much fun ;)


  9. your shorts are so cute!!!



  10. you look gorgeous as always! this looks like such a fun outing -- i love when bloggers get together xo

  11. i've been seeing this post everywhere hahahaha!
    glad to see you girls had fun!

    sorry it took me ages to get back to you, last week in japan was crazy hectic with heaps of travelling and running around and what not!

    it was pretty hard trying to adjust, the heat was pretty crazy and humid too and the mosquitoes were little devils!!!! but now that i'm back i'm kinda have withdrawals for the bf and travelling...

    i'm in syd in like north western suburbs. yourself?
    ohh and btw what is this new job you are starting?!


  12. you're so beautiful!! love this :)


  13. nom nom nom it all looks sooo yummy! lovin' all the colours that are mixed out through the group, you all like you had a lot of fun.x

  14. ohw miss, gosh I have fallen in love with each of your posts and everybody has blogged and spoken sooo differently about how AMAZING this day was so I am soo freaking rapt to read a million more! Your shots are gorge NOT TO MENTION your shorts miss LOVE LOVE what a perfect day, YOU ALL need to get your butts down to Melbourne ASAP! ;) Xxx

  15. you girls are gorgeous! i want a blogger meetup :(

    xo zebra and meerkat

  16. Everyone looks great!

  17. Thanks for the birthday message gorgeous, I had so much fun!

    These shots are so great, your hair looks so amazing short and Aprilia's tats are the coolest!

    Hope everything is going well with the new job!!

    Jordan xox

  18. Thanks for the birthday message gorgeous, I had so much fun!

    These shots are so great, your hair looks so amazing short and Aprilia's tats are the coolest!

    Hope everything is going well with the new job!!

    Jordan xox

  19. This looks like so much fun! All of you girls have amazing taste and I'll be checking out the other blogs too!
    - Gaby

    From Rags to Glam