Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So ladies, are you looking for a little bit of romance? Are any of your girlfriends or yourself for that matter up for some spontaneity and fun? Well, here is the competition right for you! The team at Market HQ have put together one hell of campaign offering two incredible prizes - a first date with a potential new flame and a $1500 Market HQ Wardrobe for you and your friend to share! (I don't mean sharing the man, but half of the $1500 MHQ Wardrobe... as they say, this is one for the team! hehe)

Here are the details and spunky bachelors below - take your pick and start nominating now! Or, enter yourself! (I'm sure you won't be the first).

Also, for those you haven't noticed! Eye spy with my little eye, Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall stars as one of the alluring lady friends in the shoot! You go girl!


Hope you are all having a great week so far! My first day at my new job was amazing, more updates to come!

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