Thursday, November 17, 2011


Metallic shirt by Ezzentric Topz Vintage, striped tank by Cotton On, vintage DIY shorts,
headscarf by Sportsgirl
, suede fringe bag $10 bargain from Glebe Markets,
vintage clubmasters by Police, fluorite crystal pendant necklace and various rings and bracelets.

What a week it's been! It's amazing how fast time flies by! To think there are only 5 more weeks till Christmas makes it even more hard to grasp. So much has happened and changed in 2011, I really don't want to dwell on the could of's and what if's, but instead count my blessings and live each day with good intent. A simple yet strategic thought like that can get you through almost any situation and it's one that instantly resets your whole perspective on things. Try it! ... "count your blessings".

On a different note, I am very much looking forward to a relaxing, care-free weekend. The forecast tomorrow is suppose to be a lovely 30 degrees, let's hope I'm near water to cool down. I have been enjoying dressing for hot days and have continued to add in bright colours or interesting textures to my outfits. Summer fashion for me must include a headscarf at one point or another. Here is one of my favourites that I purchased from Sportsgirl a couple of summers ago - the mix of orchid, peach and yellow remind me of Silver's style from 90201, first season. Do you agree?

Another interesting texture I have been wearing recently is this shimmery metallic shirt from Ezzentric Topz Vintage. I have bought from Twee before and adore all the of blouses she sources. Unique and individual in every way, the texture and shimmer of the fabric is somewhat reminiscent of 70's glam and poolside luxury. Contrasted by a fluro yellow and marley grey striped tank by Cotton On, this outfit is a comfort-chic meets all-round traveler. Check out my mini inspiration-mash-up below.

Would you like to see more of this? I was thinking of sharing images of who and what has inspired each of my outfits for all future posts. As they say, fashion is another form of creative expression right?

These clubmasters are actually vintage Police and belonged to my mum when she was younger. I love how fashion is one continuous cycle. Sometimes it can be hard letting go of old clothes and unworn pieces. There's always a part of me that says "Hold on, this may come back in fashion!" and surprisingly enough, they do! (Note to self: must visit Ikea and sort out my wardrobe space pronto)

Photography by Kassandra Hernandez 

These photos were taken by my sister Kassandra. She has grown to be a talented photographer and I cannot be more happier with this set in particular. The day we took these photos there was a breeze in the air and created such a whimsical backdrop of swaying branches and greenery. Isn't this bridge walkway location amazing or what?

Next week, I will be able to share with you a very exciting update for Your Only Black Swan. For those living in Melbourne, be on the watch out cause a certain someone might be visiting ;)

Hope you all have a top weekend and if you haven't entered yet - entries for my Mimco Giveaway ends to day! So don't miss out.

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  1. it's really nice seeing what inspired you! I love this post, the metallic top is amazing and your headpiece is super unique and works so well.

  2. Love this outfit. Perfect for summer. Love the metallic shirt.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  3. wow! that a great look! did you climbed out of the bridge in the second photo?!

  4. The bandana is a pretty awesome accessory to make a statement. Your sister is also a great photographer!

  5. Oh my goodness, you look absolutely amazing! Those colours are stunning on you!

    -laura x

  6. Hi beautiful Lauren,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I must say I get the most excited when I see comments from yours truly. I have been soooo lazy with updating so nothing much happening on my front- but yours on the other hand! Your blog is looking absolutely amazing, and your sisters photography looks amazing. I too have been reading your blog religiously and just haven't commented in a while....

    Are you going to the Rubi Shoes launch? I work at Fashion Journal magazine and I got sent an invite and there right in my email was your face! Inspirational blogger: Lauren! Seriously I was too're seriously making it!

    I actually already quit my job at Rubi because I got offered an internship that I thought would be a more beneficial way to spend my summer holidays.....but if you are in Melbourne next week I would love to meet with you :) xxxx

  7. Oh how EXCITING! I will definitely be around on Thursday. My email is speak soon xxxx

  8. Love the glasses! And the shirt! And the outfit inspiration collage idea :)

    I've decided to start investing only in "quality" pieces (mostly if they're on sale ;) of course!) so that I can hold on to them for a long time and hopefully pass them on in the (far off!) future. My mum is always telling me "oh, I used to own something like that" and it makes me sad that she didn't keep it!

    x K.

    Love Letters to Lola

  9. swissssh that scarf is incredible xxxx