Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pedestrian TV x Absolut Mode Launch Party

Last Wednesday night, fellow blogger Aprilia from Aprilia Love and I attended the Pedestrian TV x Absolut Mode launch party held at Hugos in King Cross. To celebrate the launch of the limited edition "Absolut Mode Edition" bottle, Pedestrian TV were in this case the "hosts of the mostest" and no doubt knew how to throw a party in it's honour. The weather was extra humid and though the crowd at Hugos wasn't at the average capacity of a Sunday night, each Absolute Mode drink was certainly more refreshing than the last. During the night, Aprilia and I were lucky to meet a handful of influential bloggers and a few whom we also shared the title of Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards Nominee with. Bloggers include Hayley from Fashion Hayley, Sara from Harper and Harley, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, Jess from Tuula Vintage and Zanita from Zanita Zanita who was working the decks and got us all dancing! Model, photographer and DJ...? Zanita is unquestionably the "Jill Of All Trades"

All in all, the night was indeed amazing and doubtlessly reminded me of the many sultry summer nights to come! To get you started for the festive season, make sure you check out the appealing list of Absolute Mode Edition drinks over here. Yum!

Absolute Mode drinks garnished with rose petals, oh my!
Aprilia from Aprilia Love

Zanita from Zanita Zanita working the decks
Hayley from Fashion Hayley and her husband Henry
Sara from Harper and Harley, myself and Aprilia
Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, Hayley, Sara and Jess from Tuula Vintage
Velvet fringed long sleeve by Red Mera Vintage, aztec shorts by Kmart, Tony Bianco Frankies, vintage leather patchwork bag.

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  1. looks like such a fun night! I love Absolut Mode's branding-with the glasses the same as the bottles etc. definitely some great designers behind that! also in love with your shorts.


  2. KMart?! K-MART YOU SAID?! Omg I love your style!


  3. so cool :D
    must be have fun there right?

  4. It looks like such a good time! Also, those drinks with the rose petals look super tasty.

  5. looks incredible! love these photos, awesome outfit!

  6. saw these piccies on aprilia's blog! you girlies look amazing, and looks like it was lots of fun! :)
    XXX The Sydney Girl

  7. So lucky to have gone! Looks so great,
    Was so lovely meeting you yesterday at Tony Bianco! Hope you had a good night! Xx

  8. Oh my gosh, everyone just looks amaaaazing!! You look absolutely fabulous as well!!