Tuesday, November 15, 2011


On Monday evening, Jasmin and the lovely team at Two Hands Agency hosted an exclusive blogger preview of Tony Bianco's 2012 Winter Collection at Luxe Studios and Productions. As soon as I received the invite, I immediately got excited at the mention of Tony Bianco - who doesn't love or own a pair of TBs?? Being Australia’s leading fashion footwear brand, Tony Bianco 'recognises that being an individual is the essence of true style'. Having grown up with TB throughout my teen years, (and not to mention the first heels I ever bought were Tony Bianco) - I am confident to say you can count  on TB for offering the latest in fashion-forward styles, unquestionable quality and most of all affordable prices. With shoes being such a popular and largely sort-after category of apparel, it is no surprise there are hundreds of 'Cinderella moments' while shoe shopping - and unlike the ugly two step-sisters, shoes nowadays will always fit, despite your dress size. I guess that's why us girls go crazy over shoes more than any other type of apparel.

So for all you shoe-lovers out there, and most importantly to all you TB fans - here I am pleased to share with you a sneak peak of the Tony Bianco 2012 Winter Collection.  Warning: bold coloured suede, platform wedges, concave heels, snakeskin and duo tones may cause many "oh my gods" "I wants" and perhaps even a "hot dang!"

Enjoy ladies!

The lovely Jasmin and a very special guest - "The" Anthony (Tony) Bianco
Myself wearing my Tony Bianco Frankie Wedges (I just can't get enough of them!)

Yes, that's right! Above is a photo of Anthony (Tony) Bianco, the creative genius behind Tony Bianco itself! It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and talk to him personally about the creative process and where he finds inspiration and sources his materials. After wearing TB for so long, I am indeed pleased to say all my TBs have lasted the years due to their quality and superior leathers. Having to always opt for leather shoes instead of synthetics, TB offers an extensive range that will have you spoiled for choice. So far I have already eyed a few favourites from the collection and autumn and winter are certainly looking much cooler (pun intended!)

To shop the full range of Tony Bianco - head over to their online store 

I'd also like to send a big thank you to Jasmin and Two Hands Agency for having me there. It was a delight to attend and be in a room full of TBs and other bloggers alike.

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  1. Your photos are so clear and pretty and non-blurry! Damn you.

    ps babein' as always


  2. Very nice collection indeed! Love all that suede, and the colour blocking.

  3. OMG!!! those shoes... just awesome!!! you look fab dear!

  4. that is SUCH an honor! amazing! I love tony bianco his styles are incredible.. this new collection is blowing my mind I love the heel, patterns and colors.


  5. it looks like its going to be a good collection! Heaps of cool colours.

  6. Absolutely LOVE the write up & some great pics!

    Thank you so much for coming along Lauren, it was great to finally meet you and I'm glad you loved the new collection as much as I do!

    Friend in Fashion

  7. I am totally digging the snakeskin print, but I don't see much in the way of wedges.

  8. You look ahhhmaze! love ALL the colours - and can't wait to see the shoes in store! You took some great piccies! And lovely photo of you and mr tony bianco himself!

  9. Your Frankie Wedges look gorgeous!! The Tony Bianco shoes this season are so chic!

  10. I love those snakeskin babies! The curved heal is so appealing to me at the moment.

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic photo's, very exciting collection launch.


  11. O M G !!!!!
    I'm in love with all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D