Saturday, December 03, 2011


Colourful Navajo print, neons and electric blue accents! For those who are partial to blue things like the male Satin Bowerbird that collects blue items to decorate his bower, this post is for you! An accent colour can go a long way and with the extensive range of solid coloured accessories at Rubi, you'll be asking yourself what colour of the rainbow you'll be sporting next. One of my favourite accessories is the wrap watch - I'm a sucker for functional wrist-wear. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the arm party but during days I don't want to be wrist heavy, this two-in-one is all you need.

If you like shopping online and sales (really who doesn't!), head over to the Cotton On Group website, where you can save 30% OFF selected items online up until December 12. There are some serious price cuts - so get in quick and snap up a bargain!

Oh and by the way, how pretty is that bower nest in the link above? I'd be smitten if a male wanted to pimp out his abode for me hehe

Wearing: all accessories and shoes from Rubi Shoes,
skirt and striped tank by Cotton On,
borrowed blazer and socks by We Love Colours 
Photography by Yesha Singh

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  1. really love the colors going on here! xx

  2. Wow the colours are amazing together! Especially love the awesome contrast of the blue and pink. Cute putting the socks with the blue wedges too xox

  3. the black skirt looks great! I bought it in the maroon last week! xx