Sunday, December 18, 2011


Wearing: velvet blazer by Alice In The Eve via General Pants, pleated work chinos by American Apparel, vintage patterned top and belt, satchel bag by Wild Hearts Vintage, suede booties by Django and Juliette, socks by Cotton On Body, Marc Jacobs chronograph watch and various accessories.

Velvet - I have always been a fan. Some may shudder at the sight or touch of velvet, though I believe it can work wonders, when used in small doses that is.

Being a velvet fanatic, I have got to say I am quite pleased with my existing velvet collection, however I was missing one must-have piece; the classic velvet blazer. When General Pants had their massive online sale months ago, I could not pass on this indigo/violet number by Alice In The Eve. It's flattering cut and ruched 3/4 sleeves adds a modern touch, instantly giving that extra pizazz to any casual ensemble. It is the ideal 'day-to-night' wardrobe piece, with it's rich midnight texture shimmering in the light. Being one of my favourite pieces of outerwear, I could not help but to dress like Chuck Bass every time I wear it and match it with my purple booties. Guilty again!

Next velvet goodies to add to my collection would have to be velvet loafers! 

I hope you're all having a top weekend.

One more working week till the Christmas festivities begin - to be honest,  I'm rather excited about the food than the presents. Anyone else feeling the same?

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  1. I love love those booties.. far too cute! I'm a fan of suede/velvet too, I don't quite understand why I'm so drawn to the soft texture... You look fantastic! Hope you've enjoyed the Sydney weather this weekend!

    Nora Finds
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  2. Your legs look a million miles long in those trousers! One of my favourite outfits. :)


  3. Velvet reminds me of preschool! Because that's all I used to wear. Velvet dresses, velvet headbands.

    I love your shoes in this post and I agree with Brooke - you've got supermodel long legs here!

    Bianca x

  4. Love the photos! ;)
    You look amazing and as you know, I love the velvet!!
    Can't wait to see you again on Wednesday evening! Party time!?


  5. LOVE the combination. The indigo velvet jacket really makes the look together with the booties.
    You look gorgeous.

    Take Care!

  6. Too cute Lauren! Love this outfit :)

    Red Mera Vintage


  7. i really need a beautiful vest like yours!
    absolutely in love with your shoes!!
    fab outfit

  8. I love your shoes and the colour combinations on your shirt and with your accessories :)

  9. beautiful pics!!!outfit is perfect!!!i'm following you!! if you like mine, do the same!!!

  10. Nothing better then a good colelction of velvet. I have been fascinated with it since I was really young and I still am!

  11. i really dislike the feel of velvet but i love how it looks so that kind of overrides my dislike! i love your blazer and shoes :) x

  12. Oh you babe. I sure couldn't pull off a velvet blazer like you :)
    I do have velvet hair bows though!
    Also, your shoes are like the definition of heaven. Dark blue suede = amaze.

    Hope you have a good christmas babe :)