Sunday, December 11, 2011


Wearing: twiggy jeans by Wrangler, striped top by Agent Ninety Nine via General Pants, grunge boots from Cream On Crown, Pashmina scarf from Bangkok, dream catcher necklace and leather bag.

What a week it's been. With the festive season pretty much in full swing, a lot has been happening and I'm sure most of you would agree! These street snaps were taken mid last week hopefully giving you an idea of what I wear during the working week. You wouldn't think myself and other Sydney-siders were experiencing summer but instead winter by what I'm wearing. Lately the weather has been cold, rainy and windy, I had to bust out my winter gear and throw on this Pashmina scarf I bought all the way from Thailand to keep me warm. I'm hoping Mother Nature would pull herself together and grant us some much needed sunshine and blue skies for more opportunities to wear pretty summer dresses and sandals. Now that would be wonderful wouldn't it?!

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There are some exciting things in store for Your Only Black Swan and am looking forward to the Christmas break to get right into it. I hope you're all having a great weekend and I'm sure Sunday will greet us again soon enough.

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  1. Those boots are all kinds of awesome lady! I never find vintage shoes that fit.


  2. I loveeee the wrangler jeans! I have those twiggy styled in velvet blacks! So comfy I can wear them anywhere!
    Following you on instagram :)

  3. i've been wearing all my winter clothes this week too :(
    lovely photos in this post! x

  4. reallllly cute!


    JOIN IN <3

  5. I just got those green sandals, too! love me a bit of Rubi :) xx