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Earlier this month, I was invited to attend a session at the Sportsgirl's Style Me Studio in Pitt Street with Head Stylist, Monica Morales. If you like to play dress up or are seeking certain style advice, Style Me Studio offers the ultimate personal styling experience, specially tailored to assist you in updating your wardrobe or re-discovering your fashion personality.

The FREE (yes, free!) one-on-one session includes:
  • An hour-long session with your very own Sportsgirl personal stylist
  • Exclusive access to the awe-inspiring Style Me Studio, complete with a VIP fitting room and loads of accessories to play with
  • A selection of complete outfit combos that your personal stylist has created for you
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Absolutely no queuing at the till! Gotta love that!

Prior my appointment, Monica asked me a few questions about my personal style, style icons and if there was any particular trends at Sportsgirl I'd like to try out and experiment with. Here is what I shared with Monica so she could get an understanding of what I would like to get out from my Style Me Studio session:

M) What would you describe your style as?
L) My style is very eclectic, vintage-inspired mixing quality basics with interesting detailed pieces and textures. I love playing with prints and native/ethnic influences. My biggest lust at the moment would have to be anything collared and statement necklaces for that extra wow factor.

M) Are there any particular trends or things in Sportsgirl you would like to try?
L) I would love to experiment with sequins and see how I can incorporate them in everyday wear. I would also like to wear more maxi skirts/dresses for the summer.

M) Do you have any style icons?
L) Alexa Chung, Chloƫ Sevigny and Kate Bosworth would have to be my style icons. I love their quirky spins on classic pieces as well as their eye for detail. I am a big fan of Alexa's school girl meets tom-boy look.

Whilst answering these questions, I could not help but to get excited of what Monica would have in store for me. Meeting her on the day was no doubt a pleasure in itself and let me tell you, it was certainly one productive hour with 5 outfit combinations to try out! I really did not know what to expect to come off the rack, but my eyes continually lit up as she pulled together the pieces and adorned me with accessories.

Here is the first look Monica styled for me/
Leather red shorts, loose white shirt, vintage stripy button-up dress worn as a throw-over, faux feather stole, rose gold necklace, large white clutch and duo-tone fluro pink and black stilettos.

I immediately fell in love with this combination, and thought this was something Carrie Bradshaw would wear being high street yet quirky and fashion-forward at the same time. The orange feathered stole is unexpected though ties in nicely with the colour-popping stilletos. The vintage stripy unbuttoned dress was another piece I was lusting over. All-in-all, the perfect amount of eclectic meets chic.

Here is Monica and myself outside Sportsgirl amongst the crazy Pitt Street Mall action.
I love everything that she is wearing - the metallic tee, printed harem pants, tribal necklace and fluro yellow nails! It was so intriguing getting to know more about what she does and what inspires her to put together such unpredictable ensembles. I'm sure most of us who enjoys playing with fashion would love to be doing it for a living. At Sportsgirl, you can actually be mentored by the head stylists  as part of your job. How great is that!

The Style Me Studio itself is located within the store, though stylised in such a way that you are almost transported to another place and time. The current theme for the studio was 'Mexico' will the walls covered with deep fuschia wallpaper, Frida Karhlo, skulls, The Day of the Dead and bright wall hangings and sombreros. The space gets updated regularly, to keep the environment dynamic and constantly inspiring.

Here is Monica's second look she styled for me/
Sleeveless button-up blouse with embellished collar, gold plate necklace, yellow pleated skirt with stripy belt, bangles, tribal clutch, cat eye sunglasses and the same duo-tone black and fluro pink stilletos.

With my fascination for collars and tribal influences, this ensemble successfully combined the two but in a very preppy, feminine way. Who would of thought that was possible! The tribal clutch and colour-blocking of the yellow and fluro pink is a perfect nod to Stockholm Streetstyle fashion. Shout out if you agree the names Blair Waldorf and Kate Bosworth are written all over this combination! Note to self: must get these insane cat eye sunglasses!

Next up, the 3rd outfit Monica styled for me/
Miss Unkon for Sportsgirl purple frilled shorts, red sleeveless collared blouse, black 3/4 blazer, embellished collar necklace, yellow snakeskin belt, woven clutch, bangles and the same duo-tone black and fluro pink stillettos.

I could not contain myself when Monica was putting this outfit together. It was the "ultimate Lauren outfit" in my eyes. It's amazing to think someone can really interpret your personality and communicate it visually through fashion. The jewel embellished collar necklace is a great accessory, taking an outfit from day-to-night. The colour-blocking of red and light purple is broken up with a hint of yellow snakeskin, a slightly sexy texture to combat the very girly cut of the shorts. Once again the collared shirt is back though layered with soft material blazer, creating a casually cool look that isn't so structured. As we progressed from look-to-look, we didn't find the need to change shoes as these duo-tone stilettos just simply went well with everything!

In mixing things up, Monica styled a more fun, sparkly number for the 4th look/
vintage evening shoulder pad dress, silver plate necklace, woven clutch, wayfarer sunglasses, retro digital watch and the same duo-tone stilletoes in flesh and fluro yellow.

You cannot have a styling session without properly playing dress-ups can you!? This look was a bit more avant-garde and an a chance to step outside of the box. The distinctive shape of the vintage 80's evening dress was a great opportunity to experiment with, using a mix of accessories to balance the strong shoulder pads. The retro digital watch adds a nostalgic spin on the look while the stiletto heels  in a flesh and fluro yellow version gives a modern, fresh touch.

The 5th and final look Monica styled for me was/
Crochet lace jumpsuit, sleeveless sheer collared blouse, aviator, silver plate necklace and cuff, fluro pink belt and retro digital watch and same duo-tone flesh and fluro yellow stilletos.

I call this look "Sporty Lux" or "Desert Chic" as images of slick wet hair, running tracks and helicopters hovering over cracked salt lakes conjured up as soon as Monica put on the finishing touches. (No joke!) I have always associated crochet with beachside, bohemian looks, nothing as sharp and chic as this combination here. The sheer shirt and straight angles toughen up the pretty jumpsuit whilst the aviator shades lends a "this means business" attitude. With the understated colour palette, the silver and fluro accents really packs a punch!

During my time spent in Sportsgirl, I also got to meet Basilia of Little Lady Love who happens to be another Style Me Studio stylist at the Pitt Street store. It was lovely to finally meet her and talk more about the Style Me Studio and her experience of learning and working with Monica. 

So that's that! My Style Me Studio session and the 5 different outfit combinations Head Stylist Monica Morales put together for me! She did a stellar job didn't she! Which look is your favourite?? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below - I would love to know!

It was incredible to think how much we went through in a hour, though one thing I learned is to be more adventurous and daring with my outfits by not only mixing prints but also different cuts as well. Another piece of style advice is that 1 pair of statement shoes can go a very long way and in fact be the vital piece in finishing off a look. Whenever I can't find something to wear or struggle to put a look together, I will go back to this post and revisit the outfit combinations Monica has styled. If I'm still lacking inspiration, perhaps another Style Me Studio session would do the trick! ;)

To book your very own FREE Style Me Studio appointment, just simply pick up your phone or shoot through an email:

Style Me Studio - Pitt St
p. [02] 9223 8255

Style Me Studio - Bourke St
p. [03] 9654 5859

Style Me Studio - Chadstone
p. [03] 9568 0025

Seriously girls, what are you waiting for!  

Styling by Monica Morales. Photography by Kassandra Hernandez.
Editing by Lauren Hernandez

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