Sunday, February 05, 2012


Wearing: Ruched Cross Over skirt by Beginning Boutique, split-sleeve top by Supre, Tony Bianco boots, agate slice gold cuff by Samantha Wills, gold plate necklace by Sportsgirl and leather purse from the Entertainment Quarter Markets.

Many have noticed I haven't been blogging as much and that's because I've literally got a lot going on in my life lately - full-time job, freelancing, having a social life, vegging out and watching Sex and The City re-runs etc. I have always regarded Your Only Black Swan as a creative outlet from my full-time profession, however at this point of time... I can honestly say, life is swell, in which I have acquired 'other ways' for creative release. This does not mean I will not be blogging anymore... but I will blog only because I want to, not because I feel obliged too - which is what I have lived by during the 2 years of running Your Only Black Swan. If there is one thing I have learned from having a blog - it is your readers know when you are being true to yourself and they will pick up on how honest your intent is behind each post. Blogging is about sharing your personality, and if this computer screen wasn't in the way from separating me and you - I would still be the 100% me on and off line. And will continue to do so...

So here I present this post, 'RUCHED AGATE', featuring two of my favourite pieces at the moment that surprisingly go very well together! Hence the post-title, this ruched cross-over skirt is by Beginning Boutique and the statement agate slice cuff is a stunning creation by Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills. The ruched skirt is a perfect day-to-night piece, giving a different spin to the average body-con mini. I love the interesting angled cut and high waist. Being a lover of raw gemstones, I could not be more happier with this Samantha Wills cuff. Whenever I wear it I find myself staring at the beautiful bands nature has created - raw natural beauty at it's best!

During the shoot, I could not help but think this outfit was an interpretation of 'modern day Greece' due to the combination of statement gold jewellery pieces, split-sleeves, gathers and ruching. The loose, draping top and clever sculpting of the skirt is a great balance in volume with the mustard clutch complimenting the warm red of the top and agate slice. If I were wearing stiletto heels this look would emulate feminine chic, though I feel the inclusion of ankle boots toughen the look, making it more a high-street "let's go shopping then afterwards grab a cocktail" ensemble.

Photography by Kassandra Hernandez

For those who don't know, the agate stone is a "Power Stone" that attracts strength and safeguards the wearers from deception or foul play. Agate is also sacred to the Greek god of healing Aesclepius and has long been associated with healing and protection. Various shades and colours of agate were believed to have different properties: red agate to cure insect bites and stings, green to cure eye infections, grey to treat throat infections and black or striped agate to protect women from disease. I guess my "modern day Greece" theme is a perfect link here don't you think!?

I hope you're all been having a splendid weekend! I have quite few projects coming your way (both fashion and design-related) so do keep an eye out!

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  1. Love this look - it's one of my favourites Lauren!
    So good seeing you last week - let's plan that shopping day soon!

    x Aprilia

  2. That second last photo is awesome... find some time to fit me in and drop me a text.


  3. I love it! Pictures look fantastic and you look so happy and free! I love that cuff and how it matches your sexy top! Swell!


  4. Gorgeous, orange is your colour!

  5. you look so beautiful!! love everything you're wearing, the necklace is a perfect addition.

  6. omg amazing outfit! from the top t the skirt to the necklace, everything looks so good together! amazing blog!


  7. Lauren, you look faaabulous here. Love the skirt matched with the grey tone of the booties! And that top suits your skin tone so well!

    The Sydney Girl

  8. i just discovered your blog and i love it and thats why I want to present you with Kreativ Blogger Award

  9. this is just the perfect combo! I love tops with cut outs!!


    1. That skirt is awesome Lauren! I love that second last photo, such great movement!

      Red Mera Vintage


  10. These pics are adorable. That color really suits you! x

  11. You look so gorgeous!! Love what you've written about blogging because you want to - totally agree!!!
    That cut out shoulder top is a great one, I guess Supre does come in handy sometimes ;)

    x x Stace