Sunday, March 18, 2012


Someone said Tuesday's are the new Fridays. Deep down I think I agree. A couple Tuesday nights ago, I attended the launch party of Aussie fashion label Hunt No More at the new bar on the block, Since I Left You in Sydney's CBD. Down a dimly lit alley way, the rustic ambiance and bare brick walls set the scene for the brand's first social soiree. A special cocktail developed for the evening named "The Dagger" was served made up of Canton Ginger Cognac, Vodka O, Cointreau, Pineapple & passionfruit juices and simple syrup. It tasted amazing! Fellow bloggers Darren from Boy Moments, Aprilia from Aprilia Love, Maria from Fashion Fazer, Mel from Flourished and Sunkissed and Bas from Little Lady Love also attended the event where we caught up over a fair share of Daggers whilst honing our blogger skills of multi-tasking.

Hunt No More offers a slick, sexy mix of leather paneling, shimmer, sequins, block colours and graphic prints. With a great selection of statement pieces, like this faux fur Lifting Me Jacket and matching The Art Of skirt, you won't be short of that 'wow factor' to take your outfit into the evening. To describe what Hunt No More is all about, have a read of their brand story below:

A whisper in the dark night sky, something intangible and free, an enigma shifts in the darkness. She is untouchable, a mystery to all, a figment of your imagination, the stuff of dreams and shadows. Draped in ebony leather, glimmering gems, liquid silver, heavy metal sequins amd silk, she slides in and out of focus, the only trace she leaves is the tell-tale scent of deadly nightshade lingering i...n the cool night air.

She cuts and intriguing figure, wrapped tight in black, sliced low and framed with tarnished metals. She creates a stir wherever she goes, her presence is felt before it is seen.

No one knows where she came from, or to where she disappears, this creature of the night. Following her instincts, she is not one of the pack, she dances to her own beat. She is a contradiction, delicate yet tough, razor sharp yet crystal sheer. As she weaves between the shadows, mirror reflections and shards of glitter glisten, giving her away.

As night encloses she feels the weight of her dagger against her thigh and with a glint in her eye the hunted turns to become the hunter.

Sexy or what?

I could seriously use this Just My Imagination Jacket in my life, loving the midnight shimmer of the snake print. The Whip It Skirt has also caught my eye with it's metallic beading and easy styling with a basic tee. Both perfect for a night out on the town!

During the evening, I happened to work my 'thang' on the decks; DJ Black Swan in the house! Haha I've always wanted to get behind the tunes, with DJ Hero being the only closest thing to real deal! How do I look? Do you think the DJ get-up suits me? ...


Capturing the essence of Hunt No More, a sexy, mysterious and provocative clip also screened, which you can watch below:

If you're after sexy, glam pieces with an edge, Hunt No More is the brand for you. To see their full Winter 2012 collection click here and join Hunt No More's Facebook page for news and updates.

Wearing: lurex gold shirt by Ezzentric Topz Vintage, statement necklace and ring by eQUIP, leopard skinnies by Cotton On, Dee boots by Vagabond and Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

PS. I have updated to the blog's Facebook page to timeline! If you haven't joined the page, please do and feel free to say hello if you'd like. The cover photo is borrowed from one my past collaborations called 'Desert Haze' (does an indian headpiece ring a bell?), one of my favourite projects to date.

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  1. A lovely outfit sweetie, really like the necklace

  2. Chic pants! =)

  3. Great pictures!! I love it!!

  4. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  5. I love the Just My Imagination Jacket too - I am all about the heavy embellishments at the minute.
    Great pictures too, it sure looked like a lot of fun.
    Fashion Well Done

  6. Arghh! You're living the dream along with Thu!! It's been a while since i've been back in the blogging sphere but i've always loved your onlyblackwan!! Hehe, you party it up and live the life Lauren!!