Friday, April 20, 2012


These photos were taken at a mini beach located on the north end of Canada Bay in Drummonyne. A row of small row boats lined the overhanging cliff, with the bay's ripples lapping against the sand. It is in fact the first time I've visited a beach, since Thailand last April. Ridiculous, I know. The smell of salt water conjured up memories of summer days long gone and the ease of throwing on a tank and shorts. I do love to layer, but the simplicity and comfort of a two-piece ensemble is just one of life's simple pleasures. Sam Moore, fashion designer and graphic artist behind the street label 'Dead Castle Project' simply gets it. Being a creative myself, the fun, quirky genre of street apparel was one of the many things that lured me into graphic design. These edgy, ambiguous, mish-mash unisex designs not only combines comfort and effortless style but also oozes a serious amount of street cred. Drawing inspiration from Rock 'n Roll, Death, Party, Young Hollywood and a distinct emphasis on twisted youth of today, Moore sets out to reinterpret and modernise cool easy-to-wear apparel. One for your boyfriend and one for yourself, both tees and singlets will look great tucked in for girls and loose for guys. I personally like the singlets for girls, giving the opportunity to wear a colour popping bra/bandeau underneath. I know this Bones singlet will be getting a work out during my holiday in the Philippines ONLY a week away! A chance to catch up on all the sun and surf I've missed out on. And for the cooler weather when I return,  I'm lusting over 'The End' crew long sleeve below. Rad or what?!!

Photos above by Kassandra Hernandez. Post-edit, myself.
Wearing: Bones Singlet by Dead Castle Project, braid necklace by Thief and Bandit, vintage white acid cut-offs and Dr. Martens.

Be sure to check out Dead Castle Project's full range here, and stay in the loop via Facebook, Twitter and their blog.

I've got a load of blog posts to pump out before I head off on holidays next week, so please expect a lot of activity here. Only 8 more days till the Philippines... but who's counting.

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  1. i want every single one of your rings!!!! love them :)
    & i really like the 'cool kids can't die' singlet. thats pretty schmick. great shots girl!x

  2. argh this outfit is amazing, I am in love with that singlet.


  3. Love this outfit, great :D



  5. Thanks for introducing me to Dead Castle Project! Great post. and i hope you have fun in the Philippines!

    B x