Monday, June 04, 2012


Felt hat, statement necklace, eagle ring by eQUIP
Selene floral jacket by Wish
Knit by Cotton On
Faux leather skirt by Supre
Studded loafers by Rubi Shoes

Photography by Kassandra Hernandez
Post edit by me

Figuring out what to wear can be made easier with a new set of accessories. Thanks to eQUIP, I was able to breathe new life into this outfit I've been wanting to wear, but haven't because I have not come across the right accessories to 'complete' it. Ever since cutting my hair short, I have avoided wearing hats, as I feel they may engulf what's left of my hair and would look completely ridiculous. With wide brim felt hats trending, part of me wishes I could have my long hair back to fully embrace the boho, effortless look. However, all of that changed when I tried on this particular felt hat by eQUIP. It's brim isn't too wide that it covers your face or of that awkward "is it suppose to be bowler/fedora hat, cause I really cannot tell" style. Perfect to wear everyday, hide bed hair or if you have short hair like me... you can skip styling it and chuck on this baby. Too easy!

If you haven't noticed already, I'm all about statement necklaces, so this Navajo-inspired one definitely ticks my box. The creamy, baby pink stones and paisley shaped collar attracts the eye and will also look great worn higher over a collared shirt. Here I have opted to wear it with an unbuttoned floral jacket,  faux leather skirt  and studded loafers to toughen up this feminine ensemble. Another interesting detail, is this eagle head ring with it's beak arching over the finger. Whilst giving an edgy touch, it's shiny, diamonte eye adds a hint of glam, a unique accessory and conversation-starter.

To check out the latest arrivals and sales at eQUIP, head over to their site and Facebook page for updates. 

I hope you are all having great start to the week. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen my comment that this is my final week of being a 23 year old. Oh dear. Given how fast this year is flying by, I won't be at all surprised for my birthday (this Friday the 8th) to catch me unaware like an eagle sweeping down at it's prey. Ha! Couldn't help but to include that little eagle reference. Hope that made you smile! :)

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  1. Oh Yeah! Floral and leather combo!!!

  2. This is such a nice outfit! I wish I could wear leather skirts but it's too cold for it now! Not even stockings can keep me warm anymore! Hate winter!!

    xx vacantdays

  3. wow that is some statement bling!
    that jacket is amazement, loving the mix of very delicate florals and pastels with the tough leather and studs.

  4. I really like your jacket it's nice and it shows the whole summery look type thing! And the whole outfit is nice cute and quirky! Your accessories fit in so well

  5. love the skirt!

    - True