Sunday, June 17, 2012


Instagram! With the introduction of the Android version, almost EVERYONE has joined the addictive world of taking photos of food, outfit details, scenery shots of places visited and or current surroundings. Apart from sharing self-styled looks and event/product reviews on the blog, I have always wanted to reveal what goes on in my typical working week and those little moments in between. So if you're already following me on Instagram @youronlyblackswan, you may have already seen or perhaps 'liked' some of these snaps and for those who haven't, here's a wrap-up of the last few weeks passed.

En route to a special dinner with @eQUIPtweets wearing neon, bright polka dots and yours truly!

Wishing there was a San Churros in walking distance!!

Even looks better in real life!! Thank you @bboutique !

All smiles and red pins at last night's @ZegnaANZ @zegnaofficial @SydFilmFest launch x

Fluro/multicolour yarn knit by #RockingOnFifth My new fav knit!!

Gonna have fun suiting up in this! Native-inspired fishtail blazer thanks to @august_street!!

Adorable lace cropped tank with contrast trimming at the @WishDesigns S12 Showing #melikey | Feeling red hot between comb-overs and woolen ties thanks to @zegnaofficial @ZegnaANZ

Jackfruit shake!! My favourite!! | Always hits the spot!!! Signature fried ice-cream at Holy Basil! #nomnom

Loving this combo! @eQUIPtweets irregular cut stone turqouise necklace, delicate floral and shag | Floral print pants and shaggy black knit by @GeneralPants for the Jennifer Kate viewing at @Tailormaid_

Brekkie date at the charming @groundsroasters | The Grounds Breakfast Board!!! Ooooffff!!

Time to suit up!! New purchase from @seedheritage :) | It finally arrived!! Belated birthday tee from @bondsaus #wearebonds #thebirthdayproject #onlyonemade #ownsit

A night of NEW! An exclusive preview of @eQUIPtweets upcoming pieces and sampling the dessert menu at Parma | Just beautiful and so on-trend!! Fluorescent coral at Sydney Aquarium

Home alone with Edward #lovethismovie | Placed an order for lunch today... Apparently my name is 'Laurance' !!? I would of been called 'Taylor' if I was a he. #funfact | Classic Spanish hot chocolate at San Churros! Fatties!!

Got my cactus!!! At El Loco | Experiencing the aftermath of what red wine can do to you. Nursing my head with "quality" coffee!! #Hernandezisthewaytogo | Off to @ZegnaANZ for the @SydFilmFest launch party!! Wearing red hot jeans, scarf print & statement beads

Grey Goddess tea and Bianco Mangiare Alle Castagne at Parma | New York Sour and Margarita - The Classics!! At Longrain | Potential outfit combination? - @Zara_US floral bomber @Seedheritage pants + stilettos

Looking at these snaps, it proves I'm not ashamed of taking photos of my food before I eat it. But I'm sure there's a whole bunch of you out there that does the same??!! Come on, admit it! Hehe

Working a full time job, there is only a limited amount of opportunities to take proper outfit photos. Fortunately, fellow blogger and close friend Aprilia (from Aprilia Love) also works in Surry Hills and we meet up for weekly for lunch. One week we took some quick snaps of our everyday attire, which I think reveals a lot about our personality and what we're most comfortable in.

collared blouse and knit (Supre)
high-waisted pleated pants (American Apparel)
Castro boots (Rubi Shoes)
necklace (borrowed from Mum!)
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
trusty leather bag

So there you have it! A glimpse into a typical working week for me and just some of the episodes AND meals that don't quite normally make it here. If you'd like to see more of these types of posts, please let me know below and if you're also on Instagram, give us a holla! I like coming across new photostreams. The more you see, the better I say!

Wishing you all a great start to a new week!


  1. Oh you are so lucky! I need a camera buddy

    Looking great by the way

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. loving the jewellery your rocking. and the hot chocolate yum yum

  3. love the layering in this outfit, your necklace is amazing! :) xx.