Wednesday, June 27, 2012



This time last week, I was delighted with the opportunity to stop by the showroom of jewellery empress, Samantha Wills. Taking the fashion world and international magazines by storm, Samantha's stunning jewels and couture pieces have attained celebrity status, with the likes of Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez spotted wearing her creations. Remember those fabulous jewels worn on the girls in SATC 2?? Yep, they're Samantha Wills! As a pioneer for Australian jewellery design, we are pleased to welcome her latest collection; The Wanderlust launching July 1st! (which is right around the corner, hooray!) In true SW style, her collection of jewels take centre-stage amongst a variety of fresh flora and cascading blooms. The combination of bright colours, textures and shimmering sparkles is no doubt a visual overload in itself. Amongst the setting also features her top-selling home decor piece and ultimate storage solution; the SW Vintage Mirror Jewellery Chest which retails for a valueable price of $399AUD (Not bad, I'd say!) The Wanderlust collection is inspired by not only the desire to travel and explore, but the spirit you take with you. Whether it's the ambiance of a late night dinner in a foreign city, feeling the spontaneity that the freedom of travel allows you or the richness of the colour palette in your surroundings, each piece is to be styled in a transient way, to take you from Sydney to Hong Kong and everywhere else your journey may take you.

Here are my favourite photos that I took during the viewing:

The two images above, in my eyes capture the consideration of detail SW not only has for the way her pieces are displayed but how accompanying elements like flora and innovative lighting can really set 'the mood'.

For a closer look at how found objects and blooms can create an inspiring space, make sure you check out SW Style with it's latest feature covering the Australia Media Launch of The Wanderlust held at the divine Mr. Cook's Florist in Double Bay. Truly inspiring!

I would like to thank the lovely Rebecca for having me and look forward to the next installment by Samantha Wills. For daily updates, join SW on Facebook. They currently have a competition going on where you get to vote for your favourite blogger's Instagram snap from the viewing. Here are my Instagrams 1, 2 and 3 - feel free to show your support with a quick and easy 'like' ! Today is the FINAL day for voting, so hurry! Muchos gracias! :)

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  1. Great post. The necklaces are gorgeous!!

  2. these photographs are beautiful, Lauren! I gotta say that the jewelry boxes are just as stunning as the pieces!

    Nora Finds

  3. Look at those beautiful pieces! The ambiance during the viewing makes it more relaxed and very casual. These are great photos too!

  4. such a stunning collection :) I want it all