Sunday, June 03, 2012


Earlier last week, I attended the showing of the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection of high quality fur label, Jennifer Kate hosted by Tailormaid Communications. Nowadays you can find decent faux fur pieces across the fast fashion chains, whilst also one-of-a-kind, high quality furs. Jennifer Kate's furs are of the later, carefully crafted from a select range of fox and rabbit into both full pelt and woven pieces. Her range includes figure-hugging vests in a variety of colours such as red, violet, olive and midnight purple, full length collared jackets and cropped bolero style pull-overs.

Jennifer Kate's pieces are made of bi-product materials (both a product and a coproduct) and uses top quality fabrics sourced from around the globe. Her focus is solely on the longevity and versatility of each item and how fur can be easily mixed in with everyday winter wear and glammed up for the evening. Whether it’s the timelessness of fur, the versatility of leather or the elegance of silk, wearing a Jennifer Kate makes you feel instantly luxurious and unique. For her AW12 lookbook, she invited everyday girls walking along a busy strip in Paddington to wear her garments, reflecting just how versatile and easily accessible a beautiful fur piece can be.

My favourite piece from her collection is this Black Soft Leather/Full Pelt Fur Vest. I love how it combines a mix of both leather and rabbit fur and has an edgy, biker feel to it with it's zips, tall collar and strap closures. Being a vest, it worked really well with what I was wearing that evening and even 'completed' my look of a shaggy jumper and layered florals. I love the contrast of shag, fur and leather; the ultimate texture overload in itself.

Tania wearing a Jennifer Kate fox stole
Shag and fur overload
Darren wearing a Jennifer Kate black all-leather vest
Candles, macaroons, bubbles, popcorn and happy snaps with Natalie, Aprilia, Mel and Shareen
Above: Darren, Founder and Creative Director Jennifer McCloy and myself

When it comes to  the 'wear faux or real fur debate', I can understand that there are divided opinions on the for the record, I will honestly admit I am open to wearing BOTH - purely, on how much money I am willing to spend. This has always been my approach when purchasing anything; shoes, handbags, knits, jeans and food even! Depending on my budget, I will seek the most valuable product and price but am also willing to spend more on timeless, wardrobe staples. I prefer leather shoes over synthetic, cotton over polyester, a higher percentage of wool and would rather pay an additional $15 for a better bowl of pasta just to please my tastebuds. So when it comes to fur, my view is the same. I am aware people may have mixed feelings when purchasing fur in particular and this post may ignite discussion, but that is where I leave it to freedom of choice. So tell me, what side of the fence do you sit on? Do you only wear faux? Or do you class fur and leather in the same category and are willing to wear the real deal since we already use animals for food, leather in shoes/handbags and furniture etc? I am open to your opinion so feel free to leave a comment.

To view the complete range of furs, leathers and silks by Jennifer, head over to her website.

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  1. Love the faux furrrr!! I have been seeing it lots in the streets of Sydney and just got one through ASOS, if only I read your article earlier!!

    On the topic of fur, gosh I love the feel of fur, but I gotta admit that I only wear real fur if it is vintage. Meaning that I feel better giving a vintage fur another life rather than wasting it! But I guess a lot of people will say that wearing vintage fur doesn't stop the fur industry because people don't always know that you are wearing vintage and think wearing any fur is okay. I do wonder how Sydneysiders are though about fur, I've heard stories of friends in America getting rejected into pubs and stuff, but I wonder how Sydney is!

    Nora Finds

  2. I am so loving faux fur at the moment! The event looks like so much fun and I love all the pieces :)

  3. Your outfit is PERFECTION here! Love your blog!
    xx Sharday