Wednesday, July 11, 2012


From top to bottom: 

Head-to-toe vintage Levi's denim and bright floral bomber from Zara
Scored this mixed fabric scrap rug from Paddys Markets for $20
Bringing out the vintage jumpers, loving this mohair find! $7!!!!
Fran's boot details and amazing Watson x Watson rabbit fur vest
Amaretto Sours at The Grasshopper, my favourite opening number!!
Got to shoot the gorgeous Halycon Powe, so much fun and so easy!!
Comforting desserts at Guylian Cafe and liquid gold hot chocolate
Shopping date buds Darren, Fran and Halcy at Westfield Sydney
My BFF Yesha and I at Beach Haus, in the cross
Rainbow at Central and the delicious fettuccine at Dove and Olive in Surry Hills
Darren doing his thing and wearing Neon Hart
I really, really love my vintage Levi's denim jacket!!
Sneaky peek of my collab with Darren

Just a few snippets from the weekend and some recent favourites. Is it just me, or are the weekends coming round faster and ending even quicker? Boy oh boy, I've certainly been feeling it. Having been struck down with the flu the weekend before last, my recent Saturday and Sunday turned out to be jam-packed full of activities and outings. Brisbane blogger babe Francesca from Opinionslave was in town, so a date out in the city was a must! Despite our previous blog-to-blog commentary and online correspondence, I already had known our first meet would be a hit. After making an obligatory visit to Zara, we both stumbled upon Darren from Boy Moments and natural beauty Halcy from Vivien's down in the "market place" setting of Westfield Sydney. If you haven't been down on the bottom floor, make sure you visit. There are heaps of cool quirky stalls selling leather goods, knitwear, jewellery and re-worked vintage. Think of it as a pop-up Glebe Markets meets Finders Keepers in the heart of the CBD! Gotta love that!

Instantly we combined forces and visited the lovely Shannon and stunning designer pieces at Désordre. Afterwards we treated ourselves to lamb shank gnocchi at The Winery and a chocolate overload at Guylian Chocolate Cafe in The Rocks. Too good!! Darren and I even snuck in a cheeky Amaretto Sour at The Grasshopper on our way home. Hidden in an alley way on George Street, this place is a secret haven decked with super comfy granny chairs and an old black and white TV box. Hipster charm and drinks served in scientific beakers

So happy we are coming closer to the end of the week. As you can see, I've been treating my tastebuds to quite a few yummy dishes, with Ramen being a winter favourite! I have a couple of collabs in the works, so be sure to keep an eye out and catch me in between posts here on Instagram

x L

ps. I've been listening to this track "I'm Into You" by Chet Faker. His voice is so soothing yet sexy. Lyrics are just brilliant. On repeat.


  1. Love this post + you!!


  2. awesome vintage denim jacket! such a keeper.

  3. Great denim on denim look! xo style, she wrote

  4. LOOOVE all the piccies! :) Very creative!

    The Sydney Girl


  5. Its safe to say I just fell in love with your blog! These photos are speaking to me. Yes to the fashion gods! We shud follow eachother? I just followed you!

    Check me out? DIY/FASHION/TIPS & TRICKS, HOW-TO & STYLE Magazine Blog!

  6. You all look so fun! Love getting together with bloggy buddies, and seeing what happens when other bloggers get together with theirs!

    x Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

  7. Double denim! Freaking love it! The vintage jumper is awesome too. I've met Francesca briefly and she seems lovely. :)

  8. I love denim looks when there is a random pop of color. This works for you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Vintage Levi's denim - hell to the yes! Looove blogger days out - plus I adore Opinion Slave (and your own sweet blog!).

  10. nawwww....looks like you guys had FUN!
    its been a while!
    how are you?!

  11. great outfit! I like all the layering going on and the amazing denim look! awesome blog xx