Monday, September 24, 2012

Around my neck - UBERKATE

There is something very appealing of fine, minimal jewellery. Being a wearer of loud, statement necklaces, I have quietly been on the search for jewellery that is understated, timeless in design and light weight so that I can wear on an everyday basis. Sydney-based jewellery line, Uberkate is the epitome of this plus more. Uberkate is all about celebrating the spirit of relationships and connecting families, friends and loved ones through personalised handmade jewellery. Each of the pieces are handcrafted so no two are the same and are made using only the finest precious metals. Knowing that each piece is entirely unique conjures up a certain sentiment, only the wearer can comprehend. 

Recently I've been wearing these two charm necklaces from their second line Uberfine, a collection of hand carved, original shapes that hold significance to special moments and or people in your life. The 'eye' represents protection 'watching over you' and the rectangular shape represents the 'inner door' to yourself. When worn at the same time and even on the same chain, they mean 'watching over the door to you'.  I feel these two charms best connect with certain experiences in my life and hold personal value and special meaning. I am particullary attached to the eye charm, as it hasn't left my neck since putting it on. Having the mental notion that someone is watching over you provides a level of comfort and a piece of mind that eases me whenever I'm feeling doubtful or in danger.

If you were to create your own personal charm, what would it be? Are there any special keepsakes or heirlooms you wear day-to-day as a sentiment? Would love to know.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

x L

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  1. Love the idea of the eye watching over you. Will check Uberfine out.