Sunday, September 09, 2012

KOOKAЇ ARABESQUE Collection, Celebrating 20 Years

Images courtesy of Kookai and Two Talking Birds.

For those who may have caught me on Twitter, I was very unwell in the last week and had to take some time off to recover. Unfortunately I was not able to attend a very special event I was delighted to be invited to; KOOKAЇ's 20th Birthday which was held at the Opera House’s Northern Foyer. Being a genuine fan of KOOKAЇ and their chic, contemporary styles I was hopeful in making it, but it ended up being one of those days where I HAD to listen to my body and let this one (painfully) pass! 

Having seen the lookbook of their recent collection earlier, I knew guests of the show were in for a treat. Titled 'ARABESQUE', the campaign captures the Maze Like Medina, the busy Souks, A Private Residential Riad and the Palm Tree Forrest: Le Palmiers that lines the city along with the famous City Walls. A background that juxtaposes the KOOKAЇ Beauties with their sleek polished ponytails and bold bright fashion. With Morroco being a destination on my 'places to visit list', this lookbook is definitely a favourite of mine! Shot by highly esteemed London photographer James Meakin and styled by KOOKAЇ Founder and Creative Director Danielle Vagner, brand ambassadors Nicole Trunfio and Ilona Novacek heat up a variety of iconic Marrakech scenes; the markets, spice stalls, endless alleyways and ornate tiled patios. Bold, bright neon colours, maxi dresses, tailored pants, exotic swimwear, kaftans and mini dresses feature in the collection plus an ever-evolving range of accessories. A brilliant styling page on their website, showcases some striking combinations that will no doubt uplift any summer wardrobe. Clearly in the image below, KOOKAЇ no doubt celebrated their milestone in a full-scale, elegant and show-stopping event. If only I could of experienced it in real life! Congrats KOOKAЇ!

For all updates on KOOKAЇ, be sure to join their Facebook page. All boutique details here.


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  1. Made me drool! Sorry you couldn't make it.