Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wearing: Meow Tank by Minkpink, denim chambray and wax jeans by Cotton On, Pony Hair belt by Indy C via The Iconic, knitted bag from Tagaytay in The Philippines, sunnies from Paddy's Markets and Junie Boots by Rubi Shoes

I'm a cat person. I'm sure most of you know that already. This quirky Meow Tank by Minkpink screams all things kitty-kat-kool with it's play on the yin and yang symbol. Neat or what!? Not only do I simply adore the print, but it also poses as a connection to my dual personalities of being a Gemini. Yep, there are deeper meanings behind street apparel! I wore this outfit over the weekend, when the sun was shining but there was still a cold breeze in the air. Spring is definitely gracing us with some gorgeous weather as of late and I can't wait till it gets hotter so I can shed a few layers. Here I am also wearing a few more items that haven't been featured on the blog yet. These wax maroon jeans and denim shirt which I wear almost weekly and these cool peep-toe boots from Rubi. Perfect if you want to dress-up a casual outfit but remain practical.

As a variation of this casual look, I've put together a little mash-up, featuring the Flamingo Springs tank also by Minkpink and same Junie boots by Rubi. I hope you like the edit!

Over the weekend I headed to Newtown with my bestie and went to see Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson. Pretty arty if I must say so myself, but still very interesting to watch and dissect. The opening camera angles were my favourite and the random "OMG!! moments!" You can certainly see why a stellar cast like Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Edward Norton got on board! Has anyone else seen it? 

I hope everyone's week is going well! In my attempt to sign off with a cat-related topic, here's something cute to watch: Sleepy kitten doses off while a girl plays the ukelele. Enjoy!

x L


  1. wow this outfit is gorgeous! love it, great styling!


    ♥ Ellen

  2. Gorgeous outfit!!

    - True

  3. I love the coated coloured denim!

    Sarah x