Saturday, September 08, 2012

Partay Partayy

Marquee// Wearing: Risk Dress by Wish, necklace by Lovisa, Sportsgirl pony hair clutch and Tony Bianco Frankie wedges.

It's been a bit quiet here on the blog... don't worry I know! Apologies on the stand still, but I have honestly been taking it easy and doing things on my own accord, which to tell you the truth is rather nice. I started this blog purely for myself and with the fashion and online social media scene constantly changing, one can sometimes get caught up in it all and lose sight of their intentions or pursuits. This little online space of mine was originally a place where I could share my own personal style, photo diaries and reviews on both events and brands that I feel reflect my personality and interests. I expressed more of this in my interview here. I strive to stand by this and if it means not blogging every so often then so be it. In each post I put together for Your Only Black Swan, I aim to communicate the degree of interest and passion I have behind the brands and pieces I am wearing or covering, depicted in either the quality of images/copy/photography I include. When reading other blogs, I look out for things like this. As I think the posts that are well-received, are the ones that show the blogger's true passion and enthusiasm.

So again, I'm sorry for the stall in content. Whatever I post here, I would like it to be good, relative work and nothing else. As mentioned before, I've been enjoying myself lately... with the highlights of the week being the weekends! I'm a massive #TGIF fanatic!! I don't normally share social snaps, but this time I think it's appropriate. A girl's gotta let her down once in while and if this still includes some of my favourite going-out outfits.. well, it has to go on the blog right?!

With Riley and Darren (Boy Moments) at the Thomas Sabo Sweet Dreams Cocktail Party, Ivy Ball Room // Wearing: August Street Gloria Skirt, Seed blazer, eQUIP necklace, Sportsgirl pony hair clutch.

A bit of hotel room prep and "Jolie" fun!
With the super stylish Cassie and Samantha of Girl Finds Gold.
Myself and Brianne, all smiles! 
With my bestie Yesha at Beach Haus. 
At my Friday night favourite again, Marquee wearing this amazing asymmetrical skirt thanks to the Fabliha of incredible fashion blog Inside In Inside Out
With my girl and party-partner Jessica. We were both digging the high necks!
With Darren at the Red Bull Special Editions launch party at Neild Avenue, both reppin' our Aztec gear! Matchy matchy! Wearing August Street Native Jacket. 

Thanks for sticking by.

xx L


  1. Awww, Lauren - I know we've had this chat before, but I completely agree with you and understand! ;)

    Hope you are feeling much better than last week, seems like you had a very indulging Saturday! :)

    Aprilia x

  2. Aww girlie, hope you're feeling okay!
    Definitely been through that before, it's a bit of a rollercoaster with blogger. One day you love it, one day you hate it.
    But take all the time you need. Eventually you'll find something again to ignite the spark :)
    Mel x

  3. First outfit (love that dress!) and the one with the black asymmetrical skirt looks great!