Thursday, October 11, 2012


Wearing: Tropical print shirt by Stephie's Shop, blazer by Seed, thrifted Levi's boyfriend jeans, eQUIP necklace, Vangabond Dee boots. Photography by Darren Luk.

When I'm asked what my favourite colour is, I really don't have a legitimate answer. Usually I say "whatever suits me" . Colours such as yellow, lilac and orchid have always been my never-fail options, however orange is by far a leading shade amongst the lot. Due to my darker skin tone, orange is one colour that pops and compliments my complexion at the same time. Though with the weather warming up during the day, it is still quite chilly in the evening. Here I wanted to inject a bit of life and colour into my usual work attire with this tropical print shirt. The bright, pattern instantly boosted my mood and I love how it also works in one of orange's complimentary colours in the print too - being blue! Layered with a bold statement necklace and blazer, this smart casual ensemble is just what I needed to face the end of day chill yet still look 'summery'.

In continuing the theme, I've composed this little mash-up below with some hot orange pieces to jazz up any outfit! I want those orange sole oxfords and that zip-up maxi skirt asap!!!

I hope everyone's week is going well! I've been SUPER busy this week with work, events and a styling gig I took part in over the weekend that I cannot wait to share with you. Will hopefully get some behind-the-scenes photos up on here soon, however you can view some Instagrams here from the shoot. It is really something out there and eccentric, all in all a great creative endeavour I am proud to be a part of. More details later!

x L


  1. You're right, orange does really suit you! I find it a tough shade to wear but I do love to see a bit around my home... my ultimate accessory would be a hermes circular orange lacquer tray to sit on my coffee table. If only!

    The blog's looking great! I'm a regular visitor so I thought it was time to pop up and say 'hello'!

    Catherine @ The Spring

  2. Orange looks amazing on you!