Monday, November 12, 2012


I was invited to attend the filming of General Pants Co's latest campaign, "IT'S A BLOCK PARTY". If there's one thing I miss most about my "youth" it would have to be the good ol' house parties and messy nights sans high heels and sore feet. Wearing what you want, rocking up when you know that certain someone is already there and not having to worry how on earth you are going to get home, because really - you could probably walk home if worse comes to worse. In celebrating the end of the HSC, exams and the lead up to the festival season, General Pants did what they do best, and that is host a bash - true, block party style. The venue was a warehouse/high ceiling loft decked out in the coolest combination of grass couches, old chaise lounges, graffiti walls, skate ramp, cargo net covered dj decks, basketball hoop and even an inflatable kiddy pool. A bus picked the party peeps up and dropped us off at the venue. All of were saying it's the GP Venga Party Bus! Haha The talent of the campaign were to be photographed during the party, amongst the mischief, hype and dancing. Later in the evening, General Pants and the Joy Collective caught everyone's party antics on camera. These included backward hoop-shooting, crowd surfing, a cake thrown in a guys face while's skating and even myself skaking my ass at 0.38, 1.50 and a booty-slam at 2.02. You could call me a hip shaking Momma, but I'm really just a girl who likes to let her hair down.

So to cut to the chase, here is General Pant's newest video clip "IT'S A BLOCK PARTY". Gotta love the soundtrack of Holdin' On by Flume. Launched earlier last week, GP definitely know how to play their cards right, as Flume was the featured artist of the week on Triple J. ENJOY!!

Killer vid or what? Here are more behind-the-scene photos from the night, taken by myself and Rocket Weijers from Life Without Andy.

What I wore - Self DIY denims studded vest, choker, GP Snapback and vintage reworked tee.

 Denim backseat bandits! Aprilia Love, Joseph and myself!
 Graffiti Wall

Grass couch and skeletons

Eclectic decor

Basketball hoop and crowd

Georgia and Darren

Pull your best party trick on wheels and get caked in the face!

General Pants beauties and babe being shot for the campaign

Old boom box and deer head

Crowd surfing

Stylish party peeps hanging out on the skate ramp

Skull head

Cheeky Kristal

Got dunked!!!

Myself with the skull head and bball hoop!

GP studs doing their thang!

Myself and Chris caught playing leg-guitar!

Myself and Georgia, so fierce... reow!

Chris and myself being filmed... I find this even more funny now

Street style shot by Byron Spencer

Me being a little hoodlum

Wearing: Subtitled Catwoman Pant leggings and Flexfit Snapback by General Pants, Sportsgirl reworked vintage tee, self diy studded denim vest, Dr. Martens and vintage bag.

During the party, Byron Spencer captured party-goer's street style on camera. Here's my shot above, also featured on the Street Style by Byron Spencer page on the GP website. These Catwoman leggings by Subtitled are so comfortable and edgy at the same time... they are my never-fail pair of bottoms. Don your favourite tee and pair of Docs and you're out the door!

To see the latest in both womens and mens fashion at General pants, head here. I'm sure you won't have a problem finding your next party outfit this summer! To keep up with all things GP, stop over their Facebook page and Instagram feed. These guys have a lot of comps, discounts and giveaways for you party kids out there!

x L

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