Sunday, December 02, 2012

Behind The Scenes on Perfek (Just Add Plastic) Shoot

When fellow colleague and professional photographer Edmund Edwards asked me to style the female models of his annual, self-initiated shoot, I jumped at the get go! Edmund has been in the industry for over 10 years, specialising in commercial studio photography, fashion, models and production of lifestyle stock image photography. This year, his creative project titled "Perfek (Just Add Plastic)" is a body of work, exploring the extremities and self-indulgence themes of vanity and 'doing whatever it takes' to achieve the ideal body. Other themes include the exploitation of plastic surgery, body-building and substance abuse. By this brief description, you can already tell the concept of the shoot is highly complex which has in fact taken more than 11 months to prepare, evolve and produce. The shoot involved 4 male models, 2 female models and 2 actors to bring over 7 sets and a video to life.

My role in the shoot as mentioned, was to style each of the looks for the female models and actress. I was very lucky to work with two stunning models Olena, Echo and actress Piper O'Neill. Edmund briefed me on each of the sets and with discussion between makeup and hair, I put together mood boards for each look. I have always been a visual creature, so a literal, visual representation of a theme/prototype is always essential. Plus, by having a mood board, the rest of the crew and models would now have a clear understanding of what to expect and what they will be working with. Here are the mood boards I created below:

The extraordinary make up team lead by Morena Abellar and Tamz MUA and Hangie Tran as her assistants created absolute MAGIC on the day! I was so excited as each look slowly came to life, and was in awe of the final results. Their work was more than I have ever imagined for each of the looks. If you're after a dream team of make up artists, make sure you hit up these girls! Another major contributing asset to the shoot was hair stylist Juny Kim and his assistant Sora Bae. The things he can do with a blowdryer are just amazing! A team of true pros in action!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos I shot on the day, as well as some revealing sneak peeks of the models' looks!

Make up and mood boards
Juny styling Olena's hair
Olena and the stunning "Discotheque" make up by Morena and team. Olena is wearing eQuip Accessories, mirror ball bustier from Tokyo.
Morena MUA doing her thing!
Myself styling model Olena on set. Accessories by eQuip Accessories and dress by MasterSlave
A couple of sneaky peeks of scene 2, titled "HIGH" Model Steven and his cheeky grin on set
Perils of Photoshop
Juny styling Andreas
MUA Tamz and Hangie applying the finishing touches to Olena's "OD" look.
Final results of look "OD" - how cool are these stick-on diamontes!!! Accessories by eQuip, dress by Supre and jacket (vintage) Loving the dramatic eyes and bright, saturated colours of this look. Perfect!
Model Echo getting her hair did by Juny. Just some of the props for scene "Eighteen", focusing on plastic surgery and fresh eighteen year-old who has just come into the access of her trust fund! Serious stuff here! ;)
Echo all smiles with her sequin, plastic look! Bangles by eQuip and Rubi.
Transparent! Echo in action on set! So sultry! Shoes by Rubi Shoes, custom made dress by MasterSlave
Actress Piper and Olena in make up!
Some snaps of Olena, on set of her "Botox" video scene.

Here is a little preview of one of the male actor's scenes titled "Hero: Popeye". Playing on the idea of bodybuilding, this scene is a parody of the infamous cartoon character Popeye and his obsession with spinach, his powerfood! I was asked by photographer Edmund to design a variation of the famous Campbell's Soup Tin label, where in place of the ingredient "Soup", it would be "Steroids". I also altered the Campbell's logo to "Crampball's" and changed the icon to a flexed arm, busting a shirt sleeve open. The wall of "Crampball's Steroids" looked amazing on set. I am really happy with the results! Design job well done I'd say!

So there you have it! Some behind-the-scenes action of a project that has been in the works for quite some time. I will be sharing with you the final shots from Edmund in the week to come, for now here's a video from the shoot day. For more insights into Edmund's work, check out his blog here: Enjoy!


Photographer / Art Director / Producer : Edmund Edwards
Art Director Assistant : Benjamin Zaubzer
Photographer's Assistant: Yesha Singh
Actors: Tony Rahme / Piper O'neill
Models: Olena / Echo / Steven Watson / Filip Vecek / Andreas / Nano Martin
MUA (lead for girls): Morena Abellar / Tamz mua (assist) / Hangie Tran (assist)
MUA (lead for guys) : Benjamin Zaubzer
Hair Stylist (lead) : Juny Kim / Sora Bae (assist)
Stylist for girls : Lauren Hernandez
Stylist for guys: Benjamin Zaubzer

Set Design: Edmund Edwards
Graphic Designer for props: Lauren Hernandez
Props sourced by: Edmund Edwards / Benjamin Zaubzer / Steven Watson
Stills Photographer: Lauren Hernandez

Conceptual Videos
Writer / Director: Edmund Edwards
Videographer / Co-Director / Storyboard: Christopher Kam (Kameomedia)
Lighting Designer: Paul Marin (Marin Productions WorldWide)

Swimwear / Underwear by : Marcuse (proudly sponsoring this shoot)
Jewellery Accessories: eQuip Accessories via 6Dc
Location: ProWorld Studio, Sydney
Date: Sunday 7th October, 2012

I had a heaps of fun on set and this opportunity to be involved in a fully-fledged photoshoot was no doubt valueable and rewarding. I would like to thank Edmund for having me on board and the rest of crew for an amazing day and all their efforts.

Stay tuned for more!

x L


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