Tuesday, December 18, 2012



One of my favourite memories from The Philippines was Imelda Falls, which was a convenient 20 minute drive out from my parent's hometown Lucban. As soon as I was told we were going to visit REAL, NATURAL WATERFALLS (Oh my God!!!!) I grabbed my bikini, waterproof camera, my trusty Aeroguard and waited eagerly for the van to pull up. Not knowing much of what I was in for, the short commute there got me all giddy as we were winding through thick vegetation and tropical rainforest. Staring out the car window, I couldn't deny that I was deep within the jungle with all the greenery and abundance of palm trees. Everywhere you would look was green, green, green!! To access the falls, we had to pay 20PHP (20 Philippines Pesos) each, which is equivalent to $0.46AUD cents!!! Crazy to think loose pocket change could provide you access to a natural wonder like this. As soon we unloaded the van, my family and I made our way down a man-made pathway where we could hear the sound of the falls getting louder as we got closer. During the 15 min trek, I was greeted with breathtaking views of the rainforest and Mt Banahaw, the main mountain and active volcano where Lucban is located at the base. The air was fresh, canopies swayed above you and all you can hear was insects, birds, the faint trickle of water and distant squeals and laughs.


When we finally reached Imelda falls, my jaw literally dropped. The place was absolute magic. Beams of light pierced through the canopy, and everything was lit up. It was right out a movie or a National Geographic magazine! There was quite a lot of people there already, playing in the streams, lounging in their tents, and cooking bbq skewers on makeshift grills amongst the rocks. I was in complete awe. We found a spot amongst the rocks and set up our picnic. The water was freezing, we even stored our drinks in a shallow pool of water to keep them chilled. We climbed upstream and the sight of Imelda Falls was truly something. Everyone was standing around at the edge of the pool, shivering from the cold water. My brother, sister and I all looked at each other and knew what each other was thinking. All 3 of us jumped right in and oh boy was the water piercingly cold!! We swam to the only rock that was protruding at the waterfall's base and helped each other climb up it's slippery surface. Let me tell you, I was clinging for my life! haha The sound and back splash of the falls were so exhilarating, I was beaming with happiness. Thanks to my underwater camera, I was able to get some "in action shots" of us underneath the waterfall and only after a short amount of time, I had to turn it off as the water was so cold, it caused some condensation on the lens and I had a small heart attack early into my holiday. But soon after, the lens magically fixed itself. Thank God!

All photos taken with a Canon 550D, 28-75mm F/2.8 lens and Canon Powershot D10 Underwater.

We spent the whole afternoon, eating and drinking with my cousins, exploring the streams and chasing dragonflies. It was beyond magical, I really could of not envisaged all of this. Beats a dip in any pool that's for sure!

The only downsides were there were quite a lot of people, and you could tell if there was no pollution control, this natural wonder will be in jeopardy. Plus some people were washing themselves in the stream. HA! That's the Philippines for you!

I hope you're all having a top week so far. This is my final week of work for the year and I know there's going to be a whole heap of work to get through before all the fun and festivities. 4 more days! BRING IT!

x L


  1. You take the best photos Lauren :) These are magical

    xx Estelle

  2. Lovely little travel post! Philippines is certainly a place I'd hope to visit at some point - hope you enjoyed your time there! x


  3. That first photo is pure magic! I wanna go there!