Sunday, January 20, 2013

BIG DAY OUT 2013 - What a scorcher!!

Wearing: Overalls and sunnies by Sportsgirl, tank by Supre, bralette via General Pants, Chuck Taylors and Undefeated 5 panel camper cat via Culture Kings.

If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that I attended the Big Day Out in Sydney and man it was a scorcher! With BDO being on a Friday, it was a superb way to end a 4-day working week, though also became a physical test to all us festival-goers as the weather was going to be a crazy 40+ degreees. Waking up on Friday, it was already 38 degrees at 9am. Kray or what?! I decided to wear these cute overalls I got at Sportsgirl and a little ombre singlet with a lacy bralette underneath. I needed to wear as little a possible and the opportunity to unclip my overalls was just what I needed to relieve my upper body from the heat. To help protect me from the sun I wore my new Undefeated camper cat and slip, slop, slapped. I went with my 2 BFFs and sister Kassy and let me tell you, we did well! No dramas, just the four of us doing our best to keep hydrated and going in with the right mind set. Having a positive mental attitude is key, it isn't called a Big Day Out for nothing. I've been to quite a lot of music festivals before and what I learnt is to not have any expectations and let the little things slide. You don't want to put a damper on the day, so just be merry and make the most of it. I got to admit the guys at BDO did a great job in ensuring everyone was hydrated and protected from the sun. There were water-refill stations, misting pods (which I probably spent a good 10 minutes under), free sunscreen and a random waterfall at the end of a main tunnel. The instant contact with water made all the difference. It was definitely a lifesaver!

The main acts we got to see included Childish Gambino who performed in a shed-like venue and honestly I think it reached more than 45+ degrees inside! We were thick in the mosh, rubbed up against each other dripping of sweat. It wasn't pretty. But when Childish came on, it was definitely worth it. If the guy in the blue Aussie 'Morphsuit' beside me could get through it, I'm sure anyone else can! HA!

Afterwards we raced our way to the main stadium to see Vampire Weekend and they were everything I hoped for! Danced away to Giving Up The Gun, Horchata and Cousins. I even got myself a Vampire Weekend band tee and did a little DIY! Love it! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were amazing and Karen's O's get-up was too cool for school made up of a sequinned, embellished blazer and matching shorts.

I had to give Alabama Shakes a miss, as we wanted to secure seats up in the arena to watch The Killers and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As the day turned into night, a cool front came about and even started to rain during the set of Gary Clark Jr. It was magic!! Definitely a highlight of the day! The heat was on it's way!

Sitting high up in the stands, it turned out to be the right move to watch The Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Brandon Flowers was an absolute God! All I can say is WOW!! Truly amazing. They performed all their big hits and with the fresh breeze, stunning light visual displays and the vast sea of people, I could not wipe the smile of my face. The Killers killed it! I was so happy. Following The Killers was the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were rockin' good though we left the stadium early to dance like crazy kinds to Sleigh Bells. Guilty!

Overall a top day and am still amazed we got through it all in one piece! Ticked a lot off on my 'artists to see live' list so can't complain there! Who else attended BDO or is going to in other parts of Aus?! Any highlights, experiences worth sharing?! Would love to hear about them so holla!

Otherwise, hope you all had a rad weekend. Catch me in between posts here.

x L


  1. oh i'm so jealous! i really wanted to go! can't believe how many people are there. mental!

  2. woah that's a huge arena. I'd love to see vampire weekend someday too. And I saw the killers just less than a month ago in CA and you're right, Brandon is so amazing live!! One of my favorite concerts:)