Sunday, January 27, 2013


Just a few things I've been lusting over this January. Black, versatile pieces with a twist and crazy, cool prints and textures. All things I love basically!

Actually bought this jacket, it is so crazy, loud! The silk though is nice to pat!

I hope everyone's weekend was amazing! Here down under, we celebrated Australia Day or as we say 'STRAYA DAY' with our weekend extended to one more day! Gotta love long weekends! Spent the day nursing a hangover, though enjoyed a family lunch and managed to kick on with the cider... (as you do!)  I did manage to hop on a Harley Davidson at one point and named a new drink at The Bulletin! HA!

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x L


  1. Love the colourful prints and colours you've featured - but the black skirt is my favourite piece :)

  2. i have the saba skirt and absolutely LOVE it - defs a great buy! xx