Thursday, January 17, 2013


All photos taken by a Canon 550D, 28-75mm F/2.8 lens and iPhone 4s.

If there is one place I'd rather be is Boracay Island. Positioning high on my 'destination list' I was fortunate to holiday there during my Philippines trip last April. As you know, I'm slowly getting through my travel posts, (explained here) so please bear with me. To get to Boracay, you will need to catch a smaller airplane from Manila airport. The plane doesn't land in Boracay but on a nearby island and you are transported by boat to this tropical paradise. After an early 2am 3 hour drive to Manila and morning flight, the sight of clear blue skies and fresh coastal breeze instantly woke me up. I was in Boracay!! Island life!!! My family and I stayed at the Boracay Regency, located smack bang at Station 2 on White Sand Beach. White Sand Beach, the iconic 4km strip that spans Boracay is everything like they say in the travel books. The sand IS WHITE, water is a beautiful aqua blue and lined with palm trees with restaurants, bars and shops only a few footsteps away. The photos you see of the beach are unedited! No filter, this is the real deal! A little part of me was doubtful! Am I really in The Philippines?! Made up of over 7,00 islands it is certainly a world away from the provincial life I was living back in my parents' hometown. After we checked into our rooms, freshened up, my family and I reconvened at the Regency's open air buffet restaurant located on the beach side of the hotel. It was magic. An infinite supply of gorgeous food with a beach backdrop. Let me tell you, I was quite obsessed with their mango shakes. The best I've ever had! And I've tried many! We booked our water activities from this friendly tourist guide that you can meet on the beach. Having read up on my Lonely Planet prior to the trip, I knew exactly what we need to do and will share that with you in my upcoming posts.

For the remainder of our first day we kept it easy and enjoyed the beach. The nightlife of Boracay island is the perfect mix of laid back bars, a wide range of restaurants, super nightclubs and open air live bands. Directly in front of the Regency was their outdoor beach marquee where patrons could sit on bean bags or low lounge chairs. A very talented rock band was playing live and guests could request their favourites. I was very impressed, these guys were ace!! After a few Pinacoladas or so (Ha! I'm on an island people!) we went exploring other bars and ran into these fire dancers! Throwing, spinning, twirling, catching - it's amazing to see what one can do with two hot coals. One performer even danced with a cigarette and lit it up with his coals. Yep, really! With energetic music playing this is definitely a highlight to watch. Later we came across an amazing, 'on the beach bar' called Charlh's Bar. Being one of the locals' favourite, is everything a charming beach bar should be. Best to take a seat at their circular bar, as a live band plays requests behind the bar as you mingle with fellow patrons to your left and right. You literally have sand between your toes and the water is less than 20 footsteps away. Underneath the 2am moonlight, the live band was still belting our tunes and I happened to join a table of Diesel buyers/photographers from Dubai! How fortunate was that! We talked all things fashion, blogging and could not believe how much we were on the same wavelength. We requested 'I love the nightlife' and danced the early morning away on the sand. Definitely one of my favourite memories from the trip. And it was only the first day!

I will be sharing more of Boracay's must-do activities in future posts, so be sure to keep an eye out for more island life fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! If you may have any questions about Boracay Island or The Philippines, feel free to leave a comment below. I'd be very happy to help!

x L


  1. sounds like a dream holiday! and the photos are stunning specially of the night life. will be saving my pennies for a trip to boracay for sure!


  2. I really love Boracay. One of the best property in the Philippines. Such a lovely place. Soon I would visit this place.

  3. You looking great in pics, I really appreciate your work!!!

  4. Picture-Stuffed blog, nice one. I appreciate the beauty of boracay as well as yours :)

  5. It's really one of the best place in the Philippines to spend a vacation. It's like a paradise, beautiful white sand beaches, lots of activities and the night life is very amazing. That looks a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your trip! Boracay deals Philippines

  6. Whether night or day time fun is always within reach in this area. I too am very much willing to stay forever in the island if given the chance. Well who doesn't want to go to boracay ? I bet even people of the old days would appreciate it's beauty.