Thursday, January 10, 2013


Wearing: customised tee from Boracay, split maxi skirt $10 steal from Supre, flatforms by Soles, felt hat by eQUIP (similar here) and sunnies (similar here). Photography by Kassandra Hernandez and post-edit by myself.

It has been a full blown summer during the last few days, I've been lucky enough to get some beach action and work on my 'tan'. If you didn't happen to catch onto all the status updates and Instagrams, Sydney reached a scorching 43 degrees Celsius this week.. MAJOR HEATWAVE! Fortunately for me I was stuck at work and in airconditioning keeping cool, however a dip in the ocean would have been magic! However on the weekend I managed to get a solid dose of sun, surf and sand and visited one of my favourite beaches - Tamarama. I love the post-beach look and feeling! Salty skin, a luminous glow and of course BEACH HAIR! Gotta love what salt water can do! After a quick change out of my bikini my sister and I headed out for an early dinner, playing in the waves can make you real hungry! I donned this double thigh-high split maxi (heaps more options here) and one of my souvenir tees from my holiday in Boracay last April. The crazy, lizard, surfboard, hibiscus graphic on the back first caught my attention, I had to get it! Kind of reminds you of the Emma Mulholland Cold Blooder Chiller tee don't you think? Just saying! To top off the look, a wide brim felt hat and these fun flatforms. They're my bumblebees.... like the Transformer. HA!

Hope you're all having a top week! Not long to go now till the weekend... and I guess more beach action!! :D

x L

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