Sunday, February 24, 2013


Wearing: Snapbacks and cats too muscle tank by UNIF, Disturb the peace skirt by Nasty Gal, lace bralette worn underneath by Don't Ask Amanda and snapback via General Pants, boots by SENSO, Rayban Clubmasters and bag from Boracay. Photography by Kassandra Hernandez.

It's true, cats do rule the interwebs. I can't count how many times I've found myself YouTubing cat videos....(like this one!) Anyways, if you don't know me by now, I have a serious thing for cats. One look at my Instagram feed, you'd most definitely notice. I like them because they are independent (yes, I'm aware they 'use and abuse' their owners) but they're also a cuddly, warm ball of fur that doesn't stink and knows how to clean themselves. In regards to fashion, I'm slowly building my collection of cat apparel, and this muscle tank by UNIF is definitely my top favourite! Combining my 'thang' for both snapbacks and cute kittens, I couldn't even be more thrilled that it's also a low-armhole muscle tank. Here I have worn it with one of my favourite snapbacks, and pleather wrap/zip skirt from Nasty Gal. With the weather still very warm here in Sydney, I'm sure I'll be wearing this ensemble out and about. Other 'cat-themed' pieces I've spotted include this PAWS JAWS movie parody tee and this Every time a cat cleans itself it is worshiping the dark lord tee. Oh and this cat bomber jacket for winter! I'm obsessed!

If you're a fellow feline fan, catch me on Insta here. Meow!


  1. One of my favourite outfits on you to date! So much swag, girl! Hope you've had a great weekend - catch up soon! A x

  2. ooh love this, your skirt is rad! x

  3. very rad outfit, the skirt looks awesome!

  4. I love that skirt!! The asymmetrical cut along with the zippers makes awesome details

  5. Girl, I have a major thing for cats too. There is nothing better than snuggling with your kitty all day every day (sorry boyfriend). And while I could never allow a man to 'use and abuse' me, I invite any cute cat to do just so (I'm talking demand-feeding, demand-chin-rubs, etc). Hence why I also share your love for that tee and anything else kitty-print I can find. But seriously, your style is just going above and beyond! So much love!

  6. I love your bag!