Monday, March 18, 2013

117 RUN

Wearing: jacket by oneoneseven, leatherette shorts by CO by Cotton On, tank by Sportsgirl, necklace by Rubi, sneaker wedges by boohoo and Runaways Le Specs sunnies from Sunglasses Shop. Photography by Kassandra Hernandez.

You're probably noticing a pattern here... I have a thing for jackets. And you're right! I've even had to move some of my jackets into the two spare wardrobes in my house, as a single steel pole cannot support my ever-growing obsession. This printed number is by oneoneseven and has a subtle 80s feel with it's shoulder pads and boxed shape. Not to mention it's vintage quilt inspired print. With having so many statement jackets, I've been constantly updating my wardrobe with quality basics. These CO by Cotton On leatherette shorts are another level of comfort whilst these sneaker wedges (another steal from have become my most frequented form of footwear recently. These Le Specs Runaways shades have saved me numerous times from the morning commute glare and no doubt kept me looking stylish whenever I'm not feeling 100%. All round a practical, get-up-and-go outfit.

Speaking of being on the run, (and not in that fugitive Bonnie and Clyde way) I've been seriously thinking of getting a backpack! The amount of stuff that I carry each day (and it's stuff that I need) has begun to put strain on my posture. So as a good school bag evens out the weight, I seriously wouldn't mind sporting the double shoulder strap for my back's sake. Will I ever be a victim of fashion? I think this stance proves 'no'. My gut tells me a good Herschel and Supply Co model would suit me just fine. But if you know of any cool brands/styles, I would be very appreciative for you to help a girl out!


  1. Ah loving that jacket on you Lauren. Killer print.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. amazing! LOVE xx