Friday, April 19, 2013

DAAN X General Pants Launch Party #BowlingForFAASHION

Okay. I'm going to do something a little cheeky here and fast-forward my MBFWA posts to 'the' party that ended fashion week with a bang! I'm talking about the latest craze by Ksubi co-founder Dan Single and his new 'FAASHION' label, DAAN - exclusive to General Pants. You may have noticed a few sequinned ANIMAALS jerseys and totes popping up on Instagram recently, well everyone can now get their mitts on these fun designs. To celebrate the launch, General Pants hosted a bash at Manhattan Superbowl that combined both bowling and fashion; bowling lanes were decked out in designer fashion labels and continuous runway footage screened all in the name of #bowlingforFAASHION 

My friends Darren (Boy Moments), Georgia, Romi (Romiya), Kari, Yan (Parfasseux), Arianne (Lola Jagger), and I joined in the celebration and also a game of bowling (ahhh duuhh!!) where I surprisingly scored a few strikes on the scoreboard. Thanks to Ciroc Vodka and beats by Nina Las Vegas, all of us were eager to let our hair down after the massive week of shows and high heels. It was definitely the right time and place. I even had the lucky chance of meeting darling Aussie super babe and partner  of Dan Single, Stef Bambi, actor Sam Worthington (yeaaa like the Avatar!!) and even the Bondi cooks Luke and Scott from My Kitchen Rules. All round, awesome vibes and a killer night!

– Photos by me –

I would like to say a big thanks to Jaharn and the team at General Pants!

Happy Friday and weekend all!

x L


  1. Loved how how the lanes were named after labels/ design houses. Looks like you had an awsome night.


  2. I am oh so jealous that you met Luke and Scott!!!!!! :O

  3. These shots are so funny, expecially that one of Romi and Darren, lol. Looks like a fun night out

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